monday blues?

We’re embracing the Monday Blues and using it as inspiration for our latest DIY – tinted glassware! This simple DIY adds a little extra pop of color to spice up your decorative glassware.

website wedded

Personalize an exclusive website for your wedding. This can be a great way to keep your wedding organized and your guests up to date with your special day! Make your site in 4 easy steps.


Springtime blooms can add an effortless pop of color to your home. Let’s do more then just put them in a vase!

Rose redemption

Here are 2 creative ways to make your bouquet last even longer, so you can enjoy them time and time again!

DIY Crystal branches

Looking to add a whimsical flare to a wedding centerpiece, a dinner party, or even just your living room table?

fabric garland

This easy and inexpensive DIY is perfect for a rustic "shabby chic" styled event, or just to brighten up a room!

Gold accents

Gold is the perfect color accent for the holiday season.  So here are few budget friendly DIY projects that can help bring that golden hue to your holiday table!

holiday hostess' gift

Going to someone's house for Thanksgiving? Make sure you don't show up empty handed! This easy DIY is a great way to say "thank you".

snow covered glass

This easy DIY is great to add accent to a winter event, or even your home!

DIY Cranberry infused vodka

A delicious treat for all your favorite people! Easy to make, and easy to drink. Enjoy!

holiday wreath

Why spend all that money on a store bought wreath, when you can do it at home, just the way you want it?!