fall diy wreath

We love fall décor, but we hate the high price tags! A nice fall wreath can cost you $50 - $60, so we decided to create our own and you can too. With a few simple materials, a gorgeous wreath doesn’t need to break the bank!

what you'll need

Grapevine wreath (we used an 18 inch)

Floral wire

Hot glue gun

Bow or ribbon to make a bow (we used burlap ribbon!)

A variety of fall themed silk florals

Scissors or garden clippers

plain wreath.JPG

Before you head to the store, check out some craft store websites. There are almost always awesome coupons that help cut down the costs!


The assembly of your wreath is actually easier than you think! Before securing anything, try laying out your florals in various patterns on top of your wreath. Once you settle on something you like, start clipping off the extra length of the stems. To secure the florals, we used a combination of hot glue and floral wire. We left some of the blooms with longer stems to give the wreath more depth, so the wire gave it extra security to prevent shifting.

After you’ve finished securing your florals, finish your wreath with a bow and you’re ready to go! We love how quick and simple this DIY is, especially for something you can enjoy for months every season.

Happy DIY-ing!