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How to Build a Registry!

As you saw in our post How to Decorate as a Couple, when you combine living spaces each partner brings their own style to your new home. The same approach applies to building the perfect registry! It's all about taking inventory of what you have and creating a wish list of items that represents both partners' style and needs. So creating a registry should be a team effort, so hit the stores together. 


Registries today are a fun and exciting experience. As the process of creating a registry has changed, so has what you fill it with. Don't feel like you need to have traditional items like sheets, china or flatware. Add things that will make you happy and that work for your lifestyle. Nothing worse then storing a bunch of registry boxes filled with items you will never use.

As we mentioned above, only add things that work for you. To be sure you ask for the right items, think about your home and your lifestyle. Are you an couple that likes to spend their time in nature, then registry for things you can enjoy outdoors! Are you a couple that spends their date nights staying in watching movies, then registry for a blue ray or a popcorn machine! Fill your registry with things that are useful but also enjoyable!

Register for items that have a wide range of price points! You need to be sure that your guests have the ability to choose things that work within their budget. We recommend to have a few high end gifts but make your registry well rounded with an array of gifts hitting a bunch of different price brackets; under $50.00, under $75.00 and under $100.00.

Each registry platform offers different gift ideas. Your traditional stores like a Target will have a little bit of everything but there are speciality registries that offer gift options like contributing to activities to do on your honeymoon etc. Just like you want to hit all the price points, be sure the registries that you pick have variety. Also be sure that at least one of them is a brick and mortar store so people have the option to buy your gifts in person.  We suggest that you have up to 3 registries that your guest can choose from.

Be sure to look for Registry Events!

Night at the Registry  hosted by Parsimony Inspired and Pottery Barn | Photo by  Melanie Zacek Photography

Night at the Registry hosted by Parsimony Inspired and Pottery Barn | Photo by Melanie Zacek Photography

Registry events are a great way to make it a night filled with filling up your registry and experiencing some great wedding vendors in your area. Sample delicious cake, meet photographers and get one on one help building your registry! Parsimony Inspired will be hosting one this spring so be sure to be on the look out!


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