Inspired by This

We came across this beautiful tablescape designed by  Lila Wilson Weddings and loved it so much we wanted to share with our audience and help you implement it yourself. This rich color palette works for every season, so let's talk design!

Planning & Design by:  Lila Wilson Weddings    | Photography by:  The Willetts

Planning & Design by: Lila Wilson Weddings | Photography by: The Willetts


We hear all the time from our audience, "How do we bridge the gap between inspiration and reality?" We know that for brides and grooms, this can be the most frustrating part of wedding planning. We suggest that you think outside the box! There are many items that you need to complete your design that will be cheaper to purchase rather than rent! So do your research and make sure you are making the right decision for you! If you decide to buy, you can turn around and sell to the next bride and groom and recoup some of your costs. 

Take a hard look at each element of your design. Sometimes there are ways to work the element in without having to add extra costs. For example, let's look at the feather element attached to the menu card in this setup. The feather is a fun addition to the table's design but can be costly. Averaging around $1.50 a piece, you could be spending over $200.00 for a 150 person wedding! We think that $200.00 could be better spent. So when thinking about your menu cards, choose a design that has the feather element incorporated into the overall design. Get the look you want at no additional cost!

Let's talk flowers. Traditionally, they are the main component to your overall design. They help bring your color palette to every aspect of your big day. We suggest to focus on the colors that speak to you as opposed to the flower types. By doing this you can save big $$$! Let's take a look at those gorgeous burgundy peonies.

$5.00 a stem                $1.40 a stem

If you average 6 burgundy stems per centerpiece for 15 tables, that is  $450 vs. $126. That is an over $300.00 savings without comprising your inspiration!