Guide to Brown Shaping

Image courtesy of:  Harper's Bazaar

Image courtesy of: Harper's Bazaar


Eyebrow Shaping – How It’s Done

I’ve always lived by this rule: have good eyebrows and anyone will take your seriously. Here are some great tips to help you get those sexy eyebrows you’ve always dreamt of!


Use tweezers that have a straight, flat edge, and avoid tweezers with a point. Do yourself a favor and skip the at-home waxing kits – I’ve learned the hard way… trust me.

Embrace Your Shape!

Take a good look at your own pair of brows - Do they have a high or low arch?  Are they thick or thin? Is one higher than the other? This is a crucial step because your eyebrow shape is specific to your face. Embrace your shape!

Images courtesy of: Birch Box

Images courtesy of: Kouture Kiss

Images courtesy of:Kouture Kiss

Beginning and End

If you’re a beginner try using a white eyeliner pencil to map out the shape you’re aiming for by outlining the brow in your desired shape.

Map it out

An easy way to tell where your eyebrow should begin is to line up a pencil from the outer edge of your nostril, to the inner corner of your eye. Wherever the pencil touches your eyebrow is where your eyebrow should begin. Same goes for finding where your eyebrow should end – just line up the pencil with the outer corner of your eye instead.

find your arch

You can also use the pencil technique to find where the arch of your eyebrow should be. Line up the pencil from your nostril, through the pupil of the eye when you’re looking straight. Your eyebrow should arch where the pencil reaches the brow.

eyebrow razors

Single blade facial razors work magically to erase any leftover hairs you couldn’t get with your tweezers. Holding the skin taught as if you were plucking, lightly skim the razor over your brow bone at a 45-degree angle toward the beginning of the brow. Be very careful and take your time! Contrary to belief, the hair will not grow back in any thicker than if you were plucking, but it will grow back quicker. You can find these little razors at most drugstores.

trim long hairs

This technique can be used to thin out bulky eyebrows. Simply use an eyebrow brush to fan hairs upward. Any hairs that are visibly longer than the majority should be trimmed with eyebrow sheers.

Image courtesy of:  Michelle Bouse

Image courtesy of: Michelle Bouse

fill your shape

Use a brow pencil 1 to 2 shades darker than your hair color. Lightly fill in your eyebrows to define your wanted shape. The key is to work lightly, making it look natural. You don’t want it to look like you used a sharpie! After trying many different types of eyebrow pencils and powders I’ve found that Anastasia’s eyebrow pencil works magically!

Image courtesy of:  Teen

Image courtesy of: Teen

over plucking

If you’ve gone a little overboard while tweezing, don’t worry! Do your best to avoid plucking your brows for 1 to 2 weeks to let them grow back. Use a brow pencil to define your shape during the regrowth process. Be patient, once your brows have begun to grow back, you can use the pencil to manipulate your shape until they reach brow perfection!

sisters, not twins

Remember, your eyebrows should be SISTERS, not TWINS! Everyone’s eyebrows are different and it’s okay for your left and right eyebrow to vary from one another –  that’s the beauty of those eyebrows being yours!