DIY Crystal Branches

Looking to add a whimsical flare to a wedding centerpiece, a dinner party, or even just your living room table? These DIY crystal snow branches are simply perfect to bring a little bit of winter’s beauty into any space. Buy these in store and you’re looking to spend anywhere between $10 and $30! Here’s how to DIY these crystal branches for a fraction of the cost.

Photo Credit: Make Them Wonder

Photo Credit: Make Them Wonder

Branches - I suggest birch branches which you can find at Michael’s, AC Moore or better yet, your back yard!

Tacky Glue - Aleene’s would work great. You want to use a very tacky glue to ensure that anything your decorating your branches with will actually stick.

Glitter, Fake Snow, or Colorfill Diamonds Vase Filler – In order to get that super icy texture you should try using the Colorfill Diamonds Vase Filler. If you’re looking for a finer texture give glitter or fake snow a try. For some super dazzling branches, try a combination of the three!


Gently apply glue to the branch with a paint brush. If you are using branches from the outdoors, make sure they are clean and entirely dry.


Directly after applying the glue, apply the glitter, fake snow, or Colofill to the branch you are working with. This part can get a little tricky. To make the process easier try laying the branch on a clean and protected surface and slowly pour the contents over the branch, adding more where needed and repeating the process.


Let the branches dry! It’s as easy as that. Think of the possibilities! You could add these branches to a bouquet, a centerpiece, a mantle, whatever your heart desires. You could also try this DIY with pine cones for a woodsier look.