Bar Cart Central

Essentials for a flawless bar cart – a perfect statement that adds a fun and inviting flare to any space!

Image courtesy of:  Apartment Therapy

Image courtesy of: Apartment Therapy

1. A Statement Piece: Think of your statement piece as the eye catcher for the cart. You can get creative as you want!  A funky painting, an interesting sculpture, some old books, a decorative clock – anything! Try to pick something that will add a cohesive color pallet to base your other essentials off of.

2. Flowers/Greenery: Any type of arrangement can add life and freshness to your cart, and connect all the elements of the cart as one. Think outside the box!

3 Fresh Fruit: Lemons, limes, and oranges work perfectly to add brightness – plus you can slice it up for a colorful and easy garnish.

4. Glassware: You can choose from all different types of glassware. Stemware works best with wines and champagne, while tall and rock glasses work better with hard liquor or beer.

Image courtesy of:  Divine Caroline

Image courtesy of: Divine Caroline

5. Wine, Beer or Champagne

Pick what looks most appealing to you! Your choice of alcohol can add a personal touch. Going for a chic, upscale look? Go with champagne! Or is this bar cart for the man cave? Load it up with his favorite beer instead.

6. Hard Liquor

If the bottle the liquor comes in doesn’t match your aesthetic, pour it into a decanter that does!

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Enjoy and drink responsibly!