Inspiration came naturally for Rebecca & Chris. "My husband Chris and I knew we wanted our wedding to be held at my family's farm. It was a place where not only I grew up, but where our relationship grew as well. We spent a lot of time there together, taking in all that this beautiful property had to offer!"

It even helped them save on the decor! "Back in the day, it was a dairy farm, and is now home to the family's maple syrup operation. The barn was filled (and I mean filled) with 60+ years of antique milk bottles, jars, tools, and farm equipment."

This location is absolutely stunning! Every detailfits perfectly for this vintage/rustic look, but it took a little elbow grease, Rebecca explains. "Since this started as a blank slate, I would say majority of the budget went to "creating the venue". This was an old, cluttered and dirty barn that was still in current use! We spent the entire summer cleaning it out, repairing, fixing roads, driveways and landscaping." There were plenty of outside expenses, too. "We also rented a tent (with tables, chairs, lighting and dance floor) to provide a place for dinner and dancing. Another bulk of the budget went to food, which was appetizers for the cocktail hour, and the dinner itself. We made the desserts ourselves!"


Rebecca had a little piece of advice for future brides and grooms out there. "First of all, breathe and relax!! Come wedding day, just know that you have done all you could, and it is all going to be worth it. If something small didn't get done, don't sweat it, you will be the ONLY one who knows! But most of all, cherish every single second of that day. It goes by quickly. If you can, step away from the noise and be with each other for a few moments. Take it all in and embrace that beautiful moment with each other. You're really married now!!!

Photographer: Amy Brown Photography  //Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal  //Bouquet & Bouts : F as In Flowers  //DJ: Music Fantasy Weddings  //Officiate : A Hitching Place