Meet Mallory of Ellucy Stitches

We were lucky enough to sit down with Mallory Bailey, owner and founder of the adorable etsy shop Ellucy Stitches, to discuss her booming success, how she got started, and her tips for anyone looking to start their own business. Ellucy Stitches is a one stop shop for anyone who loves embroidery -- purchase a handmade hoop, a kit to create a hoop on your own, or even just a pattern!


PI: We absolutely adore your work! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your shop?

MB: I am so flattered! I am 26 years old and I live in Richmond, Virginia with my boyfriend and our two cats, Ellie and Lucy. (Get it? Ellucy Stitches?) By day I am an office manager for a local electrical testing company (most boring job ever). In March of 2017 I opened my Etsy shop, Ellucy Stitches. I make and sell modern and colorful hand embroidery pieces, patterns and kits!

PI: How did you get started with embroidery?

MB: I actually bought a pattern in January of 2017, ran to the local craft store to gather supplies and got to work! After a few minutes I was hooked! I am completely self-taught and there are things that I am still learning. I fell in love with the entire process. Creating something from my brain onto paper and then onto fabric just stuck! I absolutely love the process of stitching. It gives me an opportunity to bring my ideas to life.

PI: Where do you find inspiration for your patterns? We love how youthful and fun they are!

MB: I have a running list of ideas on my phone. Whenever something comes to me I make sure to take note of it. Sometimes I’ll see a certain color palette and a design will take off from there! I try to stay original and make things a bit different than what I’ve seen. It’s pretty funny because if you met me, I tend to wear very neutral colors and my embroidery is much brighter and more colorful than my own personal clothing style.

PI: What’s your favorite item in your shop?

MB: I would have to say my kits. I put in so much time and attention to those. I tried to create something that I would have loved when I was just starting out. Something simple and easy to follow, but also beautiful. I am constantly trying to find the best quality products I can for my kits. I also absolutely adore seeing my customers progress pictures and helping them along the way!


PI: Do you like to embroider other items in addition to your home decor pieces?

MB: I haven’t started to do that quite yet, but I have been toying with the idea of embroidering t-shirts and pillows. I would love to add a little pop of color.

PI: Are there any new, exciting things we should be keeping an eye out for?

MB: I am currently working on making some new and interesting floral hoops. My goal is to make something I haven't really shown my customers yet, something different. I am also toying with the idea of small custom table numbers for weddings. I just want to grow my brand and make it as DIY friendly as possible. I try to offer a pattern of most hoops I make, so I'll keep adding those as well!

PI: What tips do you have for someone looking to start their own business?

MB: JUST DO IT! I was nervous starting mine, but I have learned SO much along the way. I’d definitely say that there is NO such thing as being too organized. Save receipts, keep a notebook, keep lists on your phone- just do anything that helps you remember all the little pieces that come up throughout any given day. Never be afraid to say that you’re overwhelmed. I am one person running my shop, so most evenings after work I am stitching or putting kits together and taking things to the post office. There are times where I just simply cannot keep up. When this happens, I put some items on vacation until I can catch up. It’s completely okay to work at whatever pace YOU need. Remember that we are all learning as we go and that it’s okay to ask questions!


Aren’t you in love?! Head over to Instagram for a giveaway of one of her beautiful embroidery hoops! You can find Mallory on Instagram at @ellucystitches and at her Etsy shop, Ellucy Stitches.

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