Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

What better way to celebrate saying “I do” and bonding the love between two soulmates than having a Valentine’s Day inspired wedding? In the love-filled month of February, your wedding day will shine as a romantic occasion by highlighting the iconic Valentine’s Day colors of red and pink, beautifully bloomed roses, and a classic candle-lit atmosphere.

In addition to the popular red and pink color palette, nothing describes “classic romance” more than lace and pearls, deep reds with hints of gold, and bow & arrow décor scattered throughout the venue. Let your guests feel and indulge in the romantic atmosphere with their own candle lit dinners at the reception and enjoy a fun and classy background of roses for photographs. To end the perfect night, share a toast with your guests with glasses filled with gold-flaked champagne. Spread the love, while celebrating your own love with that special someone on this intimate day!