DIY Literature Concept Wedding

Nothing is as comforting as the smell of a new book and flipping page after page as you get lost in the story. Why not tie that comfort feeling into your wedding day? There are so many ways to create simple yet classy literary decorations for your big day! 

So elegant and so easy! Grab a stack of your favorite books to create your own personal center pieces! Add your favorite quote of the book or spruce them up with some flowers! 

Sprinkle the love of your favorite pages and create these simple heart page cut outs for confetti. Whether using the confetti on the tables or on the aisle, your guests will love the simplicity and creativity of incorporating books pages! 

Why not walk down an aisle filled with your favorite book quotes and passages?! This aisle runner can also function as a great backdrop for gorgeous wedding portraits.

Need tablecloths? By attaching various pages of books together, you have the perfect tablecloth runner for your guests to enjoy while they indulge in their meals!