Alexis and Lyle: The Perfect Rustic Wedding

The Perfect Rustic Wedding 

When a couple beams as bright as Alexis and Lyle did on their wedding, you are reminded how special a wedding is. Their day was filled with special moments and details. 

Alexis shared her wedding planning process and how it all came together.

Where did you get your inspiration for your wedding? I wanted something that represented my husband and I as a couple. We love the outdoors (you can often find us hiking, fishing, and camping) and simplicity. I was inspired by natural wood, burlap, twine, neutral colors, and antique bottles. I went to Pinterest for ideas and was blown away by the amount of DIY wedding projects.

What area of your wedding did the bulk of your budget go to? The bulk of our wedding budget went towards booking the venue. Feeding over 100 people is not cheap, plus you need to buy table cloths and chair covers for the entire dining area.

Was there any part of your wedding day that wasn’t worth the cost? Honestly, no. I actually have regrets about not hiring a videographer. I wish I spent the extra money to have our wedding captured on DVD.

Did you hire a wedding planner? If so, how did they help? I did not hire a wedding planner. I was planning a local wedding (Sturbridge, MA) and had a little over 100 guests so I did not think it was necessary. Plus, I liked handling all the fine details.

What is your best advice for future brides and grooms on their big day? My best advice would be: STAY CALM! There are hiccups during any event and you would be setting yourself up for disaster if you did not think this also applies to weddings. It's best to go into your wedding day feeling calm, ready to tackle any problem head on, and with a smile. Is it the end of the world if your DJ plays the wrong song or if your Uncle Freddy has a little too much whiskey and starts busting a move on the dance floor? No. It's these obstacles that make for incredibly memorable wedding stories.

What moment do you cherish the most about your wedding day? I cherished the first look photography session the most. To see how my husband looked at me was priceless and I wouldn't want anyone else stealing that moment from us. My husband was able to be emotionally open without people watching us and it made for a truly romantic photography session. It was also fun to twirl around and around in my dress without anyone telling me to stop! : )

Vendor List 

Photographer: Victoria Mello Photography
Location: The Publick House, Sturbridge, MA
DJ: Rocco Productions
Florist: Michele Bernard