Grab the Perfect Gift for Any Dad This Father's Day

Image Source: Wedding Wire

Image Source: Wedding Wire

Father’s Day is coming up real fast, June 17th to be exact, and we’re looking to grab the perfect gift for our dads this year. If you’re anything like we are, it can be really hard to find that perfect something for someone as special as your dad! With that in mind, this year we really want to focus on gifting experiences. But, if you’re someone who doesn’t live close to your father, or that’s not really your thing, we’re also sharing some fun gift ideas that can work, too!

The Experiences

For experiences, our ideal day is something that you can do together with your dad! Call it a “dad date” if you will… something special just the two of you (or siblings, too!) can go and do. Whether it’s one of your favorite memories from growing up, or that day trip you’ve talked about taking, spending the day with your dad is a great way to celebrate him!

Sporting Event

Image Source: NESN

Image Source: NESN

Are you both sports fans? Get your dad tickets to see his favorite team, and go with him! Maybe you grew up with childhood memories of getting ballpark franks and watching the Sox at Fenway. This is a fun way to recreate that and relive some of your favorite memories together. Or, start a new tradition and show how you’re interested in some of the things your dad is, too, even if you weren’t as a kid!

Matinee Movie and Lunch

Was your dad a diehard Star Wars fan? How about a matinee of the new Solo movie and a quick lunch? This is a great option if you’re looking for something more low-key or if there’s bad weather brewing. Treat your dad to a fun afternoon at the movies and then a yummy lunch to talk about your favorite parts!

Picnic and Bike Ride

If you’re the active, outdoors type, this is a great option for you. Pack up a nice picnic lunch and hop on your bikes for an afternoon ride. When you start to get tired, find a nice spot to stop and eat! Hang out and catch up while you digest, then hop back on your bikes and head back home. Low-key but still fun and gets the blood pumping!

Mini Golf and Ice Cream

Image Source: @martiscamp

Image Source: @martiscamp

Was this a regular activity in your childhood? Because it was in ours! It’s so fun to get back out on the mini golf course sometimes - talk about a flashback - and get some giggles in. Especially if you’re not that skilled on the actual golf course. This is an easy way to have some fun and follow it up with a nice rewarding ice cream at the end.


Maybe mini golfing isn’t your thing, but hitting the actual green is! If so, props for you. Schedule a tee time and take your dad for a round of golf! Enjoy some pretty views, a little bit of exercise, and some great bonding time with your old man. If you’re really not into golfing but your dad totally is, think about gifting him a private lesson instead! While this isn’t necessarily something you would be doing with him, it’s still gifting an experience, and probably something he would love if he’s a big golfer.

L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery School

This one is perfect for the dad that likes to try new things! L.L.Bean offers a large selection of outdoor excursions, ranging from a few hours to long weekends, and starting at prices of $25. We love their kayak tours! These are great ways to try out new outdoor activities because they’re all guided with knowledgeable instructors, AND all the gear you’ll need is provided! This is definitely one to check out.

Image Source: L.L.Bean

Image Source: L.L.Bean

The Gifts

If you can’t physically be present with your dad for Father’s Day and want to get him something tangible, that’s okay too! What you select as a gift for your dad really depends on his interests and personality. Is he active? A golfer? The head chef at home? These are the kinds of things that you should keep in mind when making your gift selection. Here are some of our dads’ favorites!


Is your dad big into golf? As you can tell from many of our suggestions, ours are! Put together a fun little basket with some golf things for your dad. Maybe it’s a new glove, or a pack of balls. Or you can pick out a new polo for him to wear the next time he heads out to the course.

BBQ Tools

Image Source: Coastal Living

Image Source: Coastal Living

Manning the grill is serious business! If your dad is the grill master, how about some new tools? There are always fancy new gadgets coming out to elevate your grill game. There are veggie racks, grill mats, cleaning brushes, A+ spatulas, and so much more. Does he have a favorite sauce or rub? Help him stock up so he never has to worry about running out. How about a fun apron and chef’s hat to make him feel real important? This is definitely something you can have a lot of fun with!

Yard Care

Some dads hold a lot of pride and joy in their yards and landscaping. If your dad fits into this category, why not grab something new to help make his yard maintenance a little easier? Maybe a new sprinkler or some new tools. If the yard’s lacking some color, maybe even get him some fun plants or flowers to add to the decor! (Be sure to check out our must-have list for the perfect garden!)

Techy Toys

Image Source: Drones 888

Image Source: Drones 888

Boys and their toys! Our dads always have the latest gadgets. Sometimes we wonder how they’re ahead of us on this front. Do some research on the latest trendy toy or think about something he’s been wanting for a while. Did he ever get that drone he wanted? What about the Nintendo Switch? There are endless possibilities for the techy dad!

Something for the Car

We can’t forget the car guys out there. Maybe the lawn isn’t your dad’s thing, but his car definitely is. Get a quote and make an appointment for his car to get detailed! Or, if that’s not in the budget, offer to clean it yourself! A nice vacuuming and car wash, finished with a fresh coat of wax will have the car shining like new.


If your dad’s a reader, grab him that new book he’s been eyeing. Or pick one of your favorites that you think he would love! If you’re looking for some direction, Barnes and Noble has compiled a great list of books that any dad will love.

Image Source: The Knot

Image Source: The Knot

Watches, Ties and Tie Clips

Maybe your dad is a more traditional guy who just likes to look nice for work. Surprise him with a handsome new watch or maybe some new ties or tie clip. Even a new belt can be fun! Find something that matches his usual style or something a little different that you really like and think would look great on him. This is another area where you can have some fun and get creative!

Regardless of what you do or do not get your dad for Father’s Day, make sure you remember to let him know how much you love him and how grateful you are for all that he does. Thanks dads!