Be on Top of the Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2018

Weather’s warming up and jewelry is starting to really shine. As we’re pulling out all our sparkly goodies, we’re looking to see what trends are hot this year. We’re seeing a lot of new trends that we weren’t totally expecting. Check out the 2018 jewelry trends that are really taking off this season and some of our favorite picks for each!

Statement Hoops

There are a whole bunch of trends in the earring department this season, but we’re loving the statement hoop look! This really gives you an opportunity to show your style with some color and funk.

Translucent Jewelry

A more interesting look, translucent jewelry is making a charge this season. This is certainly for the bold, and perfect if you’re really looking to stand out!

Super Long Earrings

We’re seeing some crazy long earrings this year! Chunky, skinny, metal, bright colors… you name it, if it’s long, rock it! While we have slight anxiety about these getting caught on things (yikes!), we really like the look, so keep that in mind when you rock these bad boys.

Pinky Rings

Give us all the rings! We’re loving pinky rings this year. You’ve already got your midi rings and now we’re adding extra bling to the pinkies. Keep it subtle or really make a statement with some serious bling. The choice is yours!

Flower Earrings

We’re all about flower power, so we’re definitely on the flower earring train! This whimsical trend really ties in with the warmer weather and has a lot of versatility and variety within it. You can go subtle with smaller flowers and muted tones, or really go bright and bold depending on your style.

Sea Jewelry

Moving into summer, this trend is perfect. Incorporate the ocean and beach into your everyday look. We love seeing shells incorporated for that nautical feel. It just has us daydreaming of beach days all week long!

Mismatched Earrings

Let’s be honest -- not 100% sure if we’re completely on board with this one, but it’s certainly making its mark. We can dig some of the more subtle mismatching, whether it be a slight variation in length or design, but wouldn’t recommend grabbing one half of two completely different pairs of earrings for this look.


How fun! These aren’t your average brooches from Grandma’s house. The brooch trend is coming back with a vengeance and new, youthful designs are popping up all around. We love the idea of adding some bling to your clothes in addition to your jewelry!

Pendant Necklaces

Who doesn’t love a good pendant necklace? This is one of those statement pieces we think everyone should have. Definitely on the list to add to your collection this season if you don’t already have a favorite because we don’t see this one leaving anytime soon!