7 Steps to Glam Braids: Brush. Salon Exclusive Look

Brush. Salon Exclusive Look

What you'll need:

Fine-Toothed Comb

Rat tail Comb

Milk Shake Shaping Foam

Milkshake Open Air Hairspray

Bobby Pins

Small, Clear Elastics

step 1-

Starting with clean hair, evenly distribute mouse and blow dry completely. Section at the back of the head and behind the ears. Begin curling horizontally at the nape of the neck, spritzing each section with a flexible hairspray.

step 2-

While curling the hair, make sure to keep each section flat against the curling iron. Unlike a curling wand, a curling iron will give you the advantage of allowing you to evenly set perfect ringlet curls with the help of the metal clamp.

step 3-

Once the entire head has been curled, brush with a comb to soften the curls and create added texture. Tease the crown of the head to add volume.

step 4-

Divide the hair into 4 sections: 3 sections at the back of the head and 1 section framing your face.

step 5-

Dutch braid the section framing your face, lightly tugging on the strands to bump-up the volume. Continue braiding the other 3 sections at the back of the head regularly.

step 6-

Starting with the braid that frames your face, pin the braid with a bobby pin at the nape of the neck. Overlap the other three braids to create a bun, securing the look with several bobby pins. Tuck any loose hairs or strands with extra bobby pins to create a finished look.

step 7-

To create extra volume and finalize the look, lightly tug the section you teased earlier at the crown of the head, sliding the hair upwards with your fingers and a rat tail comb. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

A gorgeous up-do that will withstand anything from windy outdoor weather, to hours of dancing! Pair this style with a bold brow and a berry lip for a glamorous springtime look!