Vendor Spotlight: the American Farmhouse

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We sat down with Meghan Ashman, the owner and creator of The American Farmhouse, where she creates handmade, custom signs for your home. Meghan weighed in on style influencers, favorite items in her shop, and advice for anyone looking to start their own Etsy shop. Be sure to take a peek at her gorgeous shop!



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What inspired you to start The American Farmhouse?

I started The American Farmhouse in the beginning of 2013 when I was in school and trying to make a small side income while doing something that I loved. At the start in 2013, my small business wasn't signs, but repurposing furniture (dining room sets, hutches, dressers, etc.). Last year after my daughter was born, I was blessed with the opportunity to stay home with her and thought it was the perfect time to re-open The American Farmhouse! I jumped in with new styles, a new logo, less furniture, and more home décor signs!
What's your favorite item in your shop?

My favorite signs are my large custom song lyrics signs. Most people use them for over the bed. They can customize the lyrics from their weddings, special Bible verses in their life, etc. It really gives me the joy to see something so special to someone!

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Who are your biggest style influencers?

There are so many amazing people I look to for style! Some of the top ladies I can think of on Instagram that I look to daily for "inspo" are Liz Marie Blog (@lizmariegalvan), Erin at Cotton Stem (@cottonstem), and Sarah at Dreaming of Homemaking (@dreamingofhomemaking).

What would be your number one piece of advice for someone just starting up their own Etsy shop?

My number one piece of advice for someone would be to just not be afraid to start and jump all in! Starting a new business, whether a brick and mortar store or an online store can be extremely nerve wracking! You always have the thought in your mind like "what if people don't like my stuff?" Once you jump in and get a feel for things, then you start to feel comfortable branching out, learning more, networking, and so on. Networking is the best tool for your business! Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., the more people you are connecting with, the better your business will be.

My number one piece of advice for someone would be to just not be afraid to start and jump all in!

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