Get the perfect shave with Aud + El

Tiffany Becker Williams began her business in Eastern MA as a hobby, creating small wedding favors. From beeswax candles to body scrubs and succulent plants, Aud + El products are made with minimal ingredients to promote maximum luxury.

My personal favorite? The Aud + El Pink Coconut Body Scrub; strong enough to give a deep exfoliation while remaining super moisturizing. This scrub leaves my skin feeling buttery smooth, working amazingly to exfoliate my legs in preparation for some beach-day fun!


4 Steps to a Perfect Shave ft. Aud + El

Step 1 – Steam 

Always leave shaving last on your showering to-do list. In order to prep you legs and soften the skin and hair follicle, allow the steam from the hot water to do the work for you for at least 7 minutes before shaving.

Step 2 – Scrub

Using your hand to work in circular motions, slowly exfoliate your legs using Aud + El’s Pink Coconut Body Scrub. The salt from the scrub will exfoliate all dead skin from your legs, giving you a perfectly close shave. Wash away the leftover scrub using warm water as the coconut oil works to moisturize your skin.

Step 3 – Shave

Using a 5-blade razor, begin to shave with slow, vertical strokes against hair growth. Make sure your razor is sharp, as using a dull razor makes you more prone to getting knicks, cuts and ingrown hairs.

Step 4 – Moisturize

After hopping out of the shower, be sure to moisturize with a gentle, unscented moisturizer. Moisturizers with harsh smells and chemicals are more likely to aggravate the skin. I love using a little bit of organic coconut oil to give me a silky smooth finish!


Voilá, the perfect shave!

Interested in trying out Aud + El yourself? Enter to win your very own jar of Pink Coconut Body Scrub below! Make sure to checkout the Aud + El store on Etsy for more info.

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