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Our #newestobsession is gift boxes! On the hunt for a gift that can express how grateful you are to your friends and family for taking part in your wedding? Custom gift boxes are the answer! Here is our round up for your viewing pleasure. Start pinning!

Photo courtesy of: Mirelle Carmichael  Designed by:  Noonan's Wine Country Designs

Photo courtesy of: Mirelle Carmichael

Designed by: Noonan's Wine Country Designs

Image courtesy of:  Loved and Found

Image courtesy of: Loved and Found

Image courtesy of:  Teak & Twine

Image courtesy of: Teak & Twine

Image courtesy of:  Box Fox

Image courtesy of: Box Fox

We wanted to learn more about the process of making these gorgeous gift boxes so we want to the source. We were lucky enough to hear from Torrance Hart, founder of Teak and Twine.

Torrence Hart, Teak and Twine

Torrence Hart, Teak and Twine

PV: How did you start Teak & Twine? What was your inspiration?

TH: My journey to Teak & Twine was less about a "eureka!" moment and more like a series of small realizations.  I spent the last eight years in the Air Force.  I loved it, but I think I always secretly kept one eye open for something I could dive into both as a wannabe entrepreneur and as a wannabe creative.

I started thinking about how the internet had made gifting easy, but had taken a lot of the personalization and love out of it. I am also a branding and packaging junkie, and I got the idea to create gifts where the packaging of each element fit together with the rest of the contents to create a unified aesthetic.  The more I thought about these two ideas, the more I started thinking that crazy-seeming question:"how about me?"  

A year later, we have had the honor of creating over 3,000 gifts for our wonderful clients; not only wedding welcome gifts that tell the story of a couple and a location, but client gifts for photographers and planners, corporate gifts, and special occasion gifts for clients to express everything from "congratulations!" to "I'm thinking of you."

PV: How do you help your clients design custom gift boxes? Where is the best place to start?

TH: My team and I love working with our clients to ensure that each gift is a perfect reflection of the event, the relationship, and the recipient.  When working with a professional on a custom client gift, we love hearing about your branding, the mood and emotions behind your brand, where you are from or usually work, and what your clients are like.  When we are making a gift for a client's friends or family, we ask about the recipients' favorite colors, scents, hobbies and places- anything that might help us get a feel for that person and what they love. We want each element we pick to be something that is going to be treasured, enjoyed, and make the gift feel like it was created especially for them!  

PV: What's your favorite part of designing?

TH: Our business is somewhat unique in that almost 100% of our clients are purchasing something for someone other than themselves. It is such a pleasure to work with folks who come to us from such a place of generosity and gratitude. Our favorite thing to hear is: "Wow, that gift is so my mom!" or "You really captured my brand perfectly."  I also love being a part of a surprise-it is SO exciting and rewarding!