Dani. Fine Photography: An Intimate Breakdown of the Boudoir Shoot

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We were able to catch up with local photography friend, Dani Klein-Williams, owner and lead photographer at dani. fine photography, to learn more about her as well as to get the full breakdown on boudoir shoots! Dani has become very well known for her boudoir shoots and for good reason, her all-female staff has an impressive system with gorgeous results.


Dani has been shooting boudoir for years, but says they’re really starting to pick up in popularity, and not just for brides-to-be. While many brides will do a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift for their future spouse, many women are choosing to do a boudoir shoot later in life as a birthday or anniversary gift! We love that these shoots make women of any age feel beautiful and empowered. Dani and her team work to create a fun, positive experience for every woman that comes in for a shoot. As an all-female team, they understand the insecurities women experience and do their best to make everyone feel comfortable. They have a very secure and private system, including printing and disposal that puts anyone at ease if they’re concerned about taking more risque photos.

Another fun trend on the rise is boudoir bachelorette parties! Dani says she closes down the studio for the day and gives the girls a full on glam-day filled with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Each girl gets to have her own individual boudoir shoot during the day. At the end, there’s a full slideshow viewing party to see the end results! Dani says she’s also had brides come in with their mother and the mother of the groom for shoots, which can be a fun bonding experience. How cool is that?


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PI: How did you get your start in the photography business/have you always been interested in photography?

Dani: My whole life I have loved photography but high school is where I really fell hard!

PI: What is your favorite genre/subject to shoot (either professionally or for fun)?

Dani: Weddings are my first love but I also adore bridal boudoir – it really is the perfect groom’s gift.


PI: How was your experience sharing your story for 1,000 Stories (The Story Exchange)?

Dani: AH-MAZING!!!! It was featured in Forbes magazine and has drastically changed the commercial side of our business – it opened a lot of doors that might have previously been closed.


PI: You offer many photography services, including boudoir! Boudoir photography has become popular among brides and grooms to be; why did you decide to start doing it?

Dani: Our first client was one of our brides… and it was her idea! Once we finished the shoot – she was thrilled and we were hooked! Now, we adore photographing boudoir and weddings equally.

PI: How should a bride or groom decide it’s the right fit for them, and what should they expect on the day of the photoshoot?

Dani: They can expect the full SUPERMODEL experience! We pamper our clients with a luxurious experience including full hair and makeup services in our studio, customer specific music and outfit selections, and a fun and lighthearted photoshoot. The client sees the images that very same day with a high quality slideshow and personalize purchasing appointment.

PI: We love that these photoshoots celebrate feeling beautiful, sexy, and confident, but we are sure that once it’s time to take the first photo clients lean towards being self critical. How do you help your clients relax and feel empowered to do it?

Dani: I strongly believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident and this is a great way to see your inner beauty shine thru in your outer beauty! Confidence is radiant! We start by having a conversation about all the things you LOVE about yourself… and briefly touch on the things you aren’t a fan of… this keeps the experience positive – we then focus the shoot on the parts you love and find a way to flatter the things you don’t love… guess what? You likely will end up loving those things too! Most clients can’t believe the end result and leave feeling like a Million Dollars!

PI: What should a client bring for clothing and prop options?

Dani: Everything and Anything! Literally arriving with luggage! Outfits, jewelry, love letters, their veil… everything!


PI: When do you suggest a client book their session in order to have the final product ready for a wedding gift to their spouse?

Dani: While we try to accommodate any deadline… even crazy last minute wedding gifts – we prefer 2-4 months prior to when the images are needed.

PI: What are the trends you are now seeing in the boudoir field?

Dani: More is more and not less is more! Instead of just lingerie and skimpy clothes… we are seeing sexy dresses, off the shoulder sweaters paired with cute undies and knee high socks… we are seeing a trend towards MORE clothing! It leaves more to the imagination and is actually super sexy!

PI: What prompted you to write your book (Real. Sexy. Photography.: The Art and Business of Boudoir), and would you consider writing more in the future?

Dani: The offer was what prompted me! Yes! I never rule out anything!

PI: What would be your number one piece of advice for someone looking to start their own business from the ground up?

Dani: You sure? It is not for the faint of heart… you have to hustle every single day… vacations and holidays too!