Your Base Wardrobe Isn't Complete without These Essential Jewelry Pieces

There are classic pieces to everything in life, your wardrobe and jewelry collection are no different. There are certain items that really hold down a solid base for your jewelry -- they are versatile, beautiful, and classic. The best part? If you can grab this handful of budget-friendly items, you’re ready to rock any occasion in your future! Today, we’re sharing the essential jewelry pieces we think every girl should have ready to go. If you’re looking to expand off of this, make sure you check out what’s in style this season!

Stud Earrings

If your ears are pierced, it’s a necessity to have a few nice pairs of stud earrings. Whether they’re just some simple solid metal balls or small cute shapes, or something more blingy like diamond (or faux!) or pearl, we love a good stud. They’re easy to throw in and not have to worry about and just have a nice polished, classic look.

Pendant Necklace

For everyday wear, we love a good pendant necklace. There are so many cute ones out there! Many people layer different length chains for a different look, too. Some of our favorites are just small pendant, like initial charms or different symbols, like a heart or paw print.

Statement Necklace

For bigger occasions, you have to have a fun statement necklace! This is a piece that you can definitely be more wild with. Really pick something that makes you say “wow, that sparkles!” Some people think that the bling may cost a lot extra, but it doesn’t have to. Check out places like Charming Charlie’s or even Target to see what options they have. (Warning: You may get lost in the magic that is Charming Charlie’s!)

Simple Rings

We really like having a nice variety of some simple rings. Just plain bands will do. It’s fun to mix things up and throw some on different fingers. We really like the midi-ring look. Pinky rings too! Maybe mix in one or two more complex or blingy rings for some added pop.


Have you picked up on the trend of simple yet elegant yet? Bangles fit right in there, too. Most of the time, you can buy some really cute sets of bangles. These can be worn everyday for more casual occasions and also dressed up for bigger events. They’re super versatile and just add a little extra something to your look.