Wedding Bling

The time is here; you’re about to pick out the ring for the love of your life. You want it to be perfect, but where do you start? Take a deep breath and feast your eyes. We had the pleasure of working with Maya MacLachlan at dmg (Don Muller Gallery) in Northampton, MA to help guide you while picking the perfect ring to pop the question with!

Take a look at what she’s wearing. How would you describe her style? Is she…


Use this guide to match her style with the ring that will get your soon to-be fiancée saying

To match her timeless sense of style, choose a ring with a classically clean, symmetrical and detailed cut. Shimmering silvers are sure to make her swoon!

Your glamorous gal isn’t afraid to have some fun! Play with rose golds and matte silvers – her ring will make a statement to match her style.

She’s adventurous and in-tune with the world around her. Colored gem stones are a gorgeous alternative to diamonds, and organic band designs are perfect for nature lovers.

She’s confident – unapologetically herself 24/7, and that’s what you love about her! Go for a bold ring that will set her apart from the rest.

Your lovely lady’s style is the perfect pairing of comfortable and cute. She would be happy with a ring that is beautiful in its own simplicity. She doesn’t need an intricate ring to make her happy, she has you and that’s all she needs!

Still need a little more help? We sat down with Maya MacLachlan, owner of dmg, to get you 5 tips to make the process even easier!

1.      Shop as a Team

It’s not unusual to see a couple come in together at dmg! If you’re a couple that’s open to going through the process together, stop into your jeweler as a team. This will help erase your anxiety if the bride to-be has a very specific sense of style.

2.      Consider Her Wedding Band

The style of her wedding band can dramatically change the look of her ring! You can add some serious bling to the set based on what style band you choose.  You can even mix and match metals and gem stones.

3.      Not Everyone Wants a Diamond

Natural gemstones can add color and a unique style. The center stone doesn't have to be a white diamond and you can be daring by going for a pop of color and unique style. Consider a sapphire or a colored diamond instead.

4.      Switch Your Metal

The metal you choose for the band of your engagement ring can completely change the style. At dmg they offer a variety of metals from gorgeous rose golds to matte platinum and everything in-between!

5.      Customize

At dmg you can customize every single ring in the store beyond the size of the band and carat.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how you can make the ring unique for your to-be fiancé!