5 Creative Ways to Get Out of Your Date Night Funk

So you finally made some time for a date night with your hubby, but now’s the real issue: what’s there to do besides dinner and a movie? It’s easy to just opt for the go-to, comfortable date night routine you guys might have grown into, but there are so many other exciting options and adventures out there that won’t break the bank! Seeking out different things, exploring new places, and trying your hand at something new together creates memories far more special than just another dinner date. We put together a list of some of our fave creative ideas for date night on a budget below!


Image Source:  AlwaysSparkle

Image Source: AlwaysSparkle

Skip the endless binge-watching on Netflix and opt for a stand up special in real-life instead! This makes a perfect date night for obvious reasons: you’ll spend the night laughing together over a few drinks - what’s better than that? Comedy shows are a great choice because they require some advance planning. No matter how busy you are, you can grab some tickets, mark it on your calendar, and count down to a fun night out with each other!



Image Source:  VeboLife

Image Source: VeboLife

Escape rooms have become a major trend lately for all ages, but there’s something special about them when it comes to date nights in particular - you have to work together! An escape room forces you and your partner to communicate and use teamwork to solve a series of puzzles; this isn’t like the movies, where you sit in silence for an hour and a half. Instead, spend that time working together, laughing when you fail, and cheering when you beat each puzzle! You may even be paired up with other couples on a bigger team, which could be an awesome chance to meet new people that you wouldn’t otherwise. An escape room is one of the more expensive dates on this list, but ironically enough, tickets for two are nearly the same price as the movies in the long run, so give it a try!



Image Source: @ UnderTheSilverLining

Image Source: @UnderTheSilverLining

Get together and brainstorm some things you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to go after alone! Whether it’s a salsa class that you can practice your moves in or a wine and paint night where you can test one another’s artistic ability, classes can make for an adorable date night that doubles as a lesson, too.



Image Source: @ Simply.Wines

Image Source: @Simply.Wines

Spending a Saturday afternoon outside over brunch and wine doesn’t just have to be a girls’ trip. Include your partner, and make it a romantic outing instead! It’s the perfect way to spend a spring day enjoying something new together. If your hubby isn’t much of a wine guy, check out some local breweries instead!



Image Source: @ Kristi_Flash

Image Source: @Kristi_Flash

DateBox is a subscription service that’s been expanding a lot recently, and one of their newest additions makes for the perfect date night on any budget. You can opt for the digital only plan, which is only $7.99 a month! One of their recent digital dates was an at-home Chopped challenge with a twist. They provide a list of crazy ingredients to work with, you set a budget, hit the grocery store, and compete in a cook-off, all while completing a 20 Questions-style game together. There’s tons of options beyond the digital one, too, that’ll send you all over your city.