How To Guide: Halloween Parties


Halloween is just around the corner, so let your inner child free with a fun and spirited party! Have nothing planned yet? We’ve got your back! Follow our entertainment guide for awesome recipes, decor, and games guaranteed to make your party a success.


We decided to keep the food and drinks elegant, classy, but still spooky and Halloween themed! For appetizers we chose bite size and portable foods so you can easily mingle and save room for the entrèe and dessert. The entrèe should be beautiful and delicious, and the dessert should be fun and lively!.


Drinks should be festive and enticing. Think dark colors and bright garnishes. Experiment, and take your mixology skills to a new level!


The decor can be as over the top or subdued as you like! Want to scare your guests? Place creepy skeletons and masks about the house. String spider webs everywhere, and hide motion activated decorations to scare unexpecting guests. Want to keep it simple or have less of a clean up? Decorate with colorful pumpkins, leaves, and lanterns. Place some crows or bones across the mantle and on side tables.


If you want a sit down dinner, make your table the focal point of your decor. Use dark table linens and plates. Make a table runner of flowers, skulls, and tall candlesticks. Scatter some creepy crawlers on napkins and flatware. Your guests will love the creativity!


It’s not a party without some fun and games! Go all out and make the whole night a murder mystery game involving all your guests, or hire a fortune teller! On a smaller scale, carve pumpkins, play charades and pictionary with a Halloween theme, or assemble the classic donut-on-the-string eating contest!