May Flowers: How to Incorporate Florals into Your Home

Image Source:   Etsy

Image Source: Etsy

April showers bring May flowers… to your home decor! Are you a lover of florals? We are too! But when it comes to incorporating them into your home more than a vase of flowers here or there, it can get tricky to manage. What’s too much? Is there a such thing as too much? How will it fit in with my style? All are good questions! So today, we’re going over our five favorite ways to tie the floral decor into your home, whether you want something super bold, or more subtle.


Floral patterned furniture can certainly be that “wow” statement piece you’re looking for! Brighten up your living room with a fun floral chair. Or, go more subtle with a floral painted dresser or end table. We love the huge range of styles and power that furniture offers. If you’re looking for a fun floral DIY project, try your hand at painting your own florals on an end table!


Wallpaper also gives you the chance to really make a statement, or keep things more low key. We recommend selecting one or even two feature wall(s) versus wallpapering an entire room with your floral pattern. This really highlights its beauty without becoming overpowering. Easy to adapt to your current style, there are all sort of patterns and color palettes to choose from when it comes to floral wallpaper.

Wall Art

Committing to actual wallpaper giving you anxiety? No worries, it’s not for everyone! Lucky for you, there are so many beautiful ways to incorporate floral wall art into your home. Whether it’s a funky 3D frame, or more of a hanging piece, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to go even more relaxed and basic, hang some photographs in regular frames that highlight some of your favorite flowers!

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a really easy way to add in those floral accents. Mix in some bright and fun patterns with your regular throw pillows or switch out seasonally! There’s really no way to go wrong here. Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow?


Dishes can be a fun and unique way to bring the look into your home! Whether it be for everyday use or special occasions, more and more companies are coming out with fresh, young floral dishes. These aren’t your Grandma’s beautiful China pieces, they have a very different feel to them. If the classic China is more your speed, we also love that look! It all depends on your style and how much of a pop you’re looking to add.