Mix It Up with a Festive Murder Mystery Dinner Party This Week

Halloween is just over a week away and we’re in full-blown spooky mode! This time of year seems to fly right by on the way to more major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we love to take a little extra time to stop and enjoy the Halloween festivities. This year, in lieu of a standard Halloween party, we’re all about hosting a fun mystery themed dinner party… a murder mystery to be exact!

Perfectly in sync with the season, a murder mystery party is a great way to try something new with a group of friends. A quick search on Google or Pinterest will give you tons of great ideas and even some free downloads for your storylines to follow! Host the night as a potluck to keep costs to a minimum. Once you decide on your murder mystery storyline and theme, carry that theme throughout the whole evening with your decor, dress, and even food! Say you pick a tropical vacation theme. You can decorate with palm trees, serve grilled pineapple, drink pina coladas, and wear a grass skirt. Assign each friend a character ahead of time so they can dress specifically for their role.

When it comes to a murder mystery, you can really go as crazy or as basic as you want. As you can see, we love to get into the spirit, but if you’re on a tight budget or just not really that into the theatrics, you can eat, wear, and drink whatever you want while still playing the game. Ultimately all the extras are up to you, but we love this as a fun and festive alternative for the Halloween season! Happy entertaining!