Obsession Alert: Neal’s Yard Remedies


Neal’s Yard Remedies was founded in London in 1981 with one goal in mind: to make the health and beauty industry “more natural, and less synthetic.” NYR’s blue bottles have become a famous staple in UK beauty aisles, and through consultant-based work, the US is getting its fair share of the blue bottle love, too. With everything from skincare to haircare, aromatherapy to herbal supplements, you could completely revolutionize your beauty routine to become all-natural! Since its start, NYR has become a leading contributor to the organic beauty industry. Its mission - “to improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing our expertise and encouraging a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty, and well-being” - is one that’s paved the way for change.


Neal’s Yard Remedies uses the maximum amount of organic and natural ingredients in every blue bottle. The effectiveness of every product is unmistakable, and the results are all achieved with another core value in mind: the environment. Every NYR product is bottled with the environment in mind. Packaging is limited (each blue bottle is 100% recyclable, and they only come in a small number of sizes to reduce unnecessary packaging), nasty chemicals are swapped for natural ingredients, and product testing is done solely on human volunteers and never on animals. NYR doesn’t leave its customers guessing about what’s in every product, and its upfront philosophy has cultivated into the third core value: empowerment. By educating its customers and its consultants, NYR has continuously pushed for a more organic health and beauty industry.


NYR completely foregoes the fake ingredients that so many companies rely on today. Their philosophy on ingredients is that it’s not just what you put in that counts. What you choose to leave out is just as important! Microbeads, which are small plastic beads used in exfoliants, have been a huge issue with skincare products in recent years, and NYR has consistently vowed to offer better options for their customers. Instead of polluting the ocean with beads that don’t really do much for the skin anyways, they opt to use ingredients like rice powder that give a better exfoliation, all without hurting the environment. NYR’S Honey & Orange Facial Scrub is a popular favorite for repairing dry winter skin, and it doesn’t need a single microbead to get great results. Ditch the microbeads, ditch the silicone, and help change the world one blue bottle at a time!

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