Everything You Need to Know to Design the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Spoiler Alert: Charcuterie boards are no longer just for meats and cheeses! We love these beautiful appetizers that create a real statement and beautiful focal point on your table. But where do you start? If you’re in unfamiliar territory, it can be a little overwhelming. But no fear, we’re going to share our tips to create a beautiful set up. Here are some guidelines that I like to follow to create a well rounded board.

Image Source: Lonny

Image Source: Lonny


If you have something smokey, have something sweet. For example, pair a smoked meat with some honey.

Keep it Rustic

We love the idea of having items that are natural or rustic. It really gives the board some depth. For example, if you are adding bread, think things along the lines of hand ripped pieces as opposed to sliced. It just adds that little extra touch!


We are so beyond just simple meat and cheese board. Instead, provide a healthy variety so everyone at the gathering has something to munch on. Some of our favorites are thinly sliced meats, 2-3 cheese types (we usually pick three different shapes of cheese to add visual variety- think wedge, round or log), nuts, olives, fruit, honeycombs, etc. We could go on and on all day with variety!

Image Source: Vine Pair

Image Source: Vine Pair


It is all about the spreads! We love adding things like a grainy mustard or a take on a chimichurri sauce.

Have a Funky Layout

Be creative with how you lay out the ingredients to make the board look interesting.

Finishing Touch

Once the board is complete, we always add a finishing touch of some flowers to really make it stand out as the piece of artwork that it is.