Brush. Salon

Searching for a way to revamp your look? We teamed up with the stylists at BRUSH. Salon in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, to help us shake off those dull winter vibes. Whether you’re looking for a winter bridal look or a new date-night style, we’ve got you covered!

Get glamorously soft waves in 10 easy steps.

Jaclyn, stylist and partnered owner of BRUSH. Salon shows us how.


Lightweight hairspray

Smoothing cream

1-inch barrel curling iron or wand

Teasing comb

Paddle brush

Step #1 - Begin with clean, dry hair and apply a small amount of smoothing cream to eliminate frizz.

Step #2 - Divide the hair into 3 main sections to begin. The largest section should begin at the crown of the head and section off behind the ears. You’ll be working with 1-inch layers beginning at the nape of the neck.

Step #3 - Begin curling the hair in 1-inch sections. Continue curling the back section of your hair horizontally, curling in the same direction which will give you a uniform wave in the finished look. After curling each horizontal section, give the curls a quick spritz of hairspray.

Step #4 -  Always hold the iron horizontally, curling each section of hair flat against the iron. Try not to touch the curls while working through the look, allowing them to set fully.

Step #5 -  Curl away from the face in a diagonal direction. When curling at the forehead hairline, get the iron as close to the root as possible while maintaining a safe distance from the scalp. Part the hair on your preferred side.

Step #6 -  Once finished curling, allow the hair to sit for 5 minutes to finish setting.

Step #7 - Brush through the hair to relax the curls and create soft waves. Continue spritzing with hairspray to create movable hold.

Step #8 - Working with the section that will be tucked behind your ear, tease with a comb in a backward motion to create volume.

Step #9 -  Soften this section after teasing by lightly brushing back, maintaining a sleek look.  You can keep this section tucked, or pinned.


Step #10 - Lay your curls over the opposite shoulder and give it a final spritz with hairspray. Voilà, you’re ready to show off this effortlessly amazing look!


This look was created using only milk_shake hair products! Their eco-mist hairspray created a beautiful hold and shine while their smoothing cream tamed any frizz.

Nail the Perfect Pout to Finish the Look

BRUSH stylist, Aly Terlik, shows us how she creates her flawless rouge lip.

Begin with priming to lessen the chance of smudging.

“Line the lips with a lip pencil 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural lip after priming to create a visible outline of the lips.”

Next, line the lips with a pencil that matches the lip color you will be applying to create a crisp line.

“I like to keep my pencil sharp when applying my lip liner - it gives me more control over the look.”

Continue to fill the lips with your preferred matte lipstick. Using a small lip brush helps apply the color to the corners of your lips and blend flawlessly.

Ally recommends Maybelline’s Matte collection, “their shades work great for this look and give you lasting color.”

Add a tiny swipe of highlighter on your cupid’s bow to accentuate the shape of your lips and finish the look.


Fix any flaws around the lips with a bit of concealer and you’re ready to show off this dramatic pout - super easy but absolutely stunning!

Want to try this look yourself?

PV would love to see you try this effortlessly glamorous look out on yourself! Tag us on social media with #PVBrushLook so we can see your interpretation.