Brighten Up Your Thanksgiving Table with a Fun and Easy DIY Tablescape

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we’re starting to think about how we’re going decorate our tables this year! Last year, we broke down how to recreate some of our favorite table looks, but this year we want to do something a little different. Today, we’re going to look at all the essential components to a beautiful tablescape, namely a table runner set up. There are so many different ways you can style a table runner set up. You can keep it really light and simple, or really add in a lot of details and depth depending on the style and look you’re trying to achieve. The key elements we like to include in our Thanksgiving tablescapes include some sort of base, candles, pumpkins, floral or greenery garland, and sometimes even fruit or citrus! For the base, you can choose a simple cloth runner from the store, or get rustic and interactive with a brown paper runner. You can buy a long roll and cut to your needed length. This is really fun because you can then draw on it as well -- fun additional decor or even names for assigned seating. From there, you just build up! We usually add in the garlands first and work the other elements in around. It’s also nice to have a bigger centerpiece in the center of the table that’s supplemented by all the smaller accessories. Whether it be a larger pumpkin or a big vase of florals. Sky’s the limit in terms of color palettes and combinations, just have fun with it!

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor

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Last minute change of plans has you rushing to get the house decorated in a short period of time? We’ve rounded up our favorite easy DIYs and free printable décor items to help you get entertainment-ready as fast and easily as possible! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Pie Garland via Martha Stewart