Your Beach Bag is Incomplete Without These Essentials!

Image Source: Lion Brand Yarn

Image Source: Lion Brand Yarn

Going to the beach is one of the highlights of summer. It’s meant to be a relaxing, fun filled day. However, if you forget something your day off takes an unnecessary stressful turn. Luckily we’ve come up with a checklist of essentials to make sure your beach bag is stocked full of everything you need!


It is SO important to stay hydrated during the summer. Having a cooler packed with ice and a ton of cold drinks is a necessity. Nothing feels better than cracking open a cold drink while getting your tan on!

Sun Protection

Although this is pretty much a given, it never hurts to have a reminder. Protecting your skin is essential year round, but even more so during the intense summers. Make sure to lather on some sunscreen and pop on a pair of sunglasses and hat before soaking up the sun rays! Check out our article on our favorite face sunscreens too! Don't forget those sunglasses and a nice oversized floppy hat to help protect your scalp, too.


Beach picnics are the cutest! Some classics are sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit, and ice cream are all great options.

Bathing Suit

Of course when you go to the beach you’re going to wear a bathing suit, but it’s important to bring the right bathing suit for you! Odds are you’ll probably be at the beach all day, so you want to make sure you’re comfortable.

Books & Music

If you plan on taking in the soothing scenery rather than splashing around in the waves, make sure to bring a good book or music playlist to help you unwind!