Essential Beauty Tips for the Everyday Girl

There’s an overwhelming amount of information available in regard to skincare and beauty routines. What kind of skin do you have? Do you wear a lot of makeup? What’s your budget? You name it, there’s an article for it. While that’s great, it makes it really difficult to find a simple and straightforward guide that is applicable to the everyday girl masses. Today, we’re boiling it down to the most essential beauty tips each and every girl should be putting into practice to keep that skin healthy and glowing!

Image Source: @domhopkins

Image Source: @domhopkins

Moisturize AM and PM

Keeping your skin well moisturized is a must. While some have a day and a night moisturizer, that’s not really in the everyday girl’s budget! Really, you just need one great moisturizer that you can use in the AM and PM. Make sure you’re using a moisturizer with at least 30 SPF. While you don’t need this overnight, SPF is a must for the daytime! Even if you think it’s an overcast day, you would be surprised what rays actually break through the clouds. Keep that skin well protected to avoid wrinkles and sunspots later in life.

Wash Your Face

Image Source: Refinery29

Image Source: Refinery29

I know, I know, you hear this all the time. But it’s key! Even if you’re prone to dry skin, washing your face is key. Find a good face wash that agrees with your skin and stick with it. Ideally, we’d like to see you washing your face morning and night, but know that sometimes we’re feeling a bit lazy or just completely forget before bed. At a minimum, start your day with a good clean wash followed by the application of your daily moisturizer as mentioned above!

ALWAYS Take Your Makeup off Before Bed

While you may not always remember or feel like giving your face a full wash before bed, at least take your makeup off! This keeps your pillow much cleaner and is also a necessity to keeping your pores clear. If you fall into the group of ladies who just always forgets until she’s already in bed, here’s a pro tip for you: keep a container of makeup remover wipes on your bedside table. Easy access and hard to miss. It’s a great way to remind yourself to wipe down real quick before catching some zzz’s.

Image Source: Essence Makeup

Image Source: Essence Makeup

Use Primer

If you are someone who uses makeup, make sure you’re starting with a good base primer. Primer is a great tool as it helps to create a nice even base for your face as well as creating a surface that will hold your makeup better than your natural skin will. While you can obviously wear makeup without primer, your makeup will wear better and last longer if you start with some primer!

8 Winter Beauty Hacks to Get You Through the Season

Image Source: @emily_luciano

Image Source: @emily_luciano

The cold winter weather does a number on your skin and hair. While we’ve already told you our favorite winter moisturizers and hair care routines, today we’re going over the top winter beauty hacks for hair and skin! These easy and inexpensive tricks are quick and simple, yet make a huge difference in the quality of care you’re giving your body to cope with the cold, dry air.



Using Aquaphor on your lips will lock in hydration while also giving them a smooth, glossy appearance. Functional and fashionable!

Image Source: Nivea

Image Source: Nivea


Opt for coconut oil instead of traditional makeup removers. This moisturizers your skin while also removing your makeup, in an all-natural hydrating way.


Use an in-shower moisturizer. After you finish normally washing your body, try and in-shower moisturizer. By moisturizing before you dry off, you’re locking in extra moisture for your skin! And, you’re less likely to forget to moisturize after toweling off.


Before bed, put Vaseline on your feet, covered with fuzzy socks to keep your feet soft. It will absorb while you’re sleeping! Just be careful not to put it on too far before bed, you don’t want to risk slipping and falling.


Static-y, frizzy hair? We’ve all been there. Luckily, there are a number of hacks to help with this!

Image Source: Total Beauty

Image Source: Total Beauty

  • When you first get out of the shower, use a t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel to eliminate frizz from the get-go!
  • Put a dryer sheet on hairbrush to prevent static. Sounds crazy, we know, but it works!
  • Look for a silk lined hat instead of a fleece or otherwise lined hat. This also keeps static down.
  • If all else fails, spray hairspray on a toothbrush to smooth down flyaway hairs.

Up Your Makeup Game with These Essential Tools

Image Source: @queenlashesofficial

Image Source: @queenlashesofficial

They say a craftsman is as good as his tools, and the same goes for makeup! It’s remarkable how much your makeup skills can improve by using the right brushes. Here’s how to differentiate between different brushes and our picks for essentials!

Let’s start with foundation.

Synthetic Buffing Brush

A brush like this can help create an airbrushed finish to your foundation. Aim to get a brush that is dense and fluffy, and synthetic so it won’t soak up all of your foundation!

Beauty Sponge

Using a damp sponge to apply your foundation will leave you looking flawless! Blending is so seamless and the pointed end helps get the under eye perfectly.

Moving onto face powders.

Setting Brush

A tapered fluffy brush like this is perfect for setting the under eyes and rest of the face!


Contour and Blush Brush

An firm angled brush like this gives you a precise contour and can also be used for blush.


When it comes to highlighting you can either choose a wide fan brush or a small domed brush. It comes down to personal preference, but in the end either brush will leave you glowing!


Fluffy Crease Brush

A fluffy tapered brush is the secret to blending! One like this is the perfect size to seamlessly blend the crease.


Detail Brush

This slim brush can be used in the crease to get more precision and detail.


Shader Brush

This dense brush is perfect for packing shadow on the lids.


Highlighting Brush

A small precise brush like this is perfect for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone.

Finally, the brows and lips.

Eyebrow Brush

This dense brush helps fill in the eyebrows with ease, plus it has a spoolie on the end to help blend in the product!


Concealer Brush

This synthetic concealer brush helps carve out the brows and correct any mistakes!


Lip Brush

This pointed lip brush helps create a precise application that most applicators cannot get!

Winter Skin Hacks

Colder weather in these winter months calls for some extra TLC for your skin! Dry, flaky, irritated skin is not fun to deal with, especially while dealing with low temperatures as well. To solve all of our winter skin problems, we have found some effective and inexpensive ways to give your skin the attention it deserves!

Use thicker and heavier creams and moisturizers 

Unlike ordinary lotions, creams and moisturizers include more oil than water, and are more hydrating than lotions alone. Moisturizing your skin in the cold winter months is a great way to get that hydration and glow back! Try brands such as Aveeno and Olay to get that glowing skin back without breaking the bank.

Coconut oil and Argan oil

Coconut oil is essentially the solution to all of life’s problems (not really—but we can pretend). In addition to repairing split ends and damaged hair, coconut oil is great for your skin as well! If your skin stays oily in the winter months, try a lighter oil, such as Argan oil.  You can apply the oil directly to your skin or mix it with your regular daily moisturizer!

Hydrating Skin Mask to Wear Before Bed 

After a long day, nothing is more rewarding for your skin than treating it to a deep moisturizing and hydrating mask. It is recommended to wear a mask shortly before going to bed, as your skin works throughout the night exfoliating itself. 


Exfoliating is a great way to remove dry and flaky skin! Try to use circular motions rather than a back-and-forth motion while exfoliating to reduce harsh movements on your skin, which could lead to further irritation.