Unique Wedding Desserts

After indulging in the main entrée, it’s time for the most delicious part of the meal…the dessert! While most brides choose to serve the traditional cake, tiered and full of different layered flavors, there’s alternative options for equally delicious desserts to serve your guests!

What a fun twist on the classic wedding cake! Cake pops have become a trending dessert, and they’re super easy to make (and eat)! Have a variety of flavors and decorations for your guests to choose from; the possibilities are endless!

Go the alternative route and offer nature’s candy to your guests – that’s right, fruit! Top the fruit with some whipped cream for extra sweetener, or if you can’t get yourself to stray away from chocolate (because I mean, who can say no to chocolate?!), offer a chocolate fountain to dip the fruit in! Yum!

Can’t decide on just one fun and unique dessert? Why not offer them ALL to your guests?! By having a dessert buffet, your guests will be able to pick and choose what they would like to indulge in after their meal, whether it be cake, assorted fruit, or pie!