Pastel Wedding Color Palette

Spring is here! What better way to brighten your wedding day than focusing on a pastel color palette?! From pale pinks and purple to soft greens and blues, the ideas and color coordinations are endless! Think fresh cut flowers, warm spring air, and a romantic, whimsical atmosphere! 

Image Source:  One Fab Day

Image Source: One Fab Day

Watercolor Inspiration

Want to add some artistic elements and pops of color to your wedding day? If so, focusing on a watercolor theme is the way to go! Think of soft brush strokes and fresh, bright colors to inspire you to transform your big day into an artistic dream! A watercolor theme offers endless possibilities for decorations as well. More importantly, you can save money on creating your own DIY stationary, backdrops, and more all while having fun experimenting with different watercolor shades!

How to Pick the Right Color Palette for Your Skin Tone

Picking out what to wear may be the hardest part of your day, especially trying to decide what colors to wear. You may not realize this, but just like matching your makeup to your skin tone, your skin tone plays a large role in which colors compliment you the most; therefore, we have made you a go-to guide on what colors to lean towards based on the tone of your skin! 

If your skin tone is warm and has a golden undertone and olive complexion…

Oranges, Golden Yellows, Ambers, and Reds

Olive, Turquoise, Magenta, Orchid 

Taupe, Creamy Whites

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.39.22 PM.png

If your skin ton is cool and has a blueish undertone with fair or very dark skin…


Ruby, Bright Rose, Pinks

Bright Blue, Royal blue, Emerald, Lilac

Gray, Navy, Winter White 

Top Wedding Color Palettes

Date picked. Venue booked. Now the design process begins! We suggest the first step to take is to determine the what your event's color palette will be. You will use these colors to make most of the decisions along the way but picking the palette isn't as easy as picking your favorite two colors. We are here to help!

Consult the Wheel!

No need for a degree in interior design or art, just follow the basic principles of color! Choose colors that are either have opposite attributes (warm and cool) or colors that are considered to be neighbors (share a primary color). We suggest going to your local hardware store and going through all the color paint chips. They are a great way to choose a color and once you have chosen you can take chips to keep to refer to during your design process and at your vendor meetings!

Set a Mood

Your color palette is the most important design decision you will make. You will use color to help set the mood for your wedding day. We suggest that you think about the day and how you want it to feel. This will help you determine which direction you are leaning towards, dark and dramatic or light and airy.



Look to Your Venue

Your venue will help you decide on a color palette. Are you getting married in a barn in the fall? Are you getting married in the middle of winter? Let your venue speak to you! Instead of working to transform the space, use the space to bring your vision to life. Be sure that you choose colors that work with the different locations of your day.

Greenery is the color of the year for 2017! Mix it with taupe, grey and cream, you have the trendy minimalist design. Beautiful, simple and elegant.

One of our favorite combinations! Mixing soft peach tones with pale greens and blues creates a color palette that is sophisticated and works well in any season.

Look to the earth for your inspiration. Combining shades of blue and taupes with greenery accents, creates a vibe that is serene and stylish.

Need more inspiration? See below for the Pantone color trends for Spring 2017!

The Ocean Blue: Literary Color Inspiration Board

We just finished reading this elegantly rendered and heart-wrenching story. Now that we have finally stopped crying, we are inspired by the romance that takes place in an equally beautiful and desolate location.

The color palette of the ocean is understated and elegant, a great design approach for a wedding. Finding the balance between the harsh and soft, the masculine and feminine, is how to successfully design an elegant affair.

So we hope you are inspired by this new twist on nautical!


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
— Jacques Cousteau

Wedding Trends of 2017


We are counting down the days to the start of the 2017 wedding season! Have you begun designing your big day? We want to help jump start your planning process with our top 4 picks of 2017 wedding trends. 

Want to impress your guests? Dazzle them with something extra in the sky! Aerial decor is one of the newest and biggest trends of 2017. Couples are adding this extra detail to really top off (pun intended!) their big day's design.  So whether you want a floral chandelier or have edison bulbs hanging over your reception tables, there is an aerial concept for every type of style.  

Yay for metallics! We love that this trend shines on in 2017! Metallic shades of copper, rose gold and pewter continue to be mixed into wedding designs. As with most design elements, you need to find a balance so that your full concept is at it's best. We like a design that mixes metallic accents with softer color palettes, like blush tones and ivory. 


Who doesn't love flowers! Floral design has become one of the more important details of wedding design and we are loving the trend. Long gone are the days where roses took center stage! Think soft-petal blooms! Peonies, dahlias, Japanese ranunculus are in high demand not just for the bridal party flowers but statement pieces on your bar, incorporated into your ceremony and anywhere you need that extra wow factor. These beautiful blooms add romance to your big day's style. 

For years brides were sticking with soft palettes of blushes, creams and taupes. Now we are moving into the trend of color; bright, bold and exciting color. Wedding design is heading to make strong statements and bride's first entry into big design is through the use of color. Its a great way to add warmth to a large space or showcase your personal style on your wedding day. 

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

Photo Credit:  Darren Roberts  

Photo Credit: Darren Roberts 

Baby it's cold outside! As the last leaves fall here in New England, Fall fades away and Winter is right around the corner. 

If you close your eyes and think of snow capped mountains when you think about your wedding day, than nothing is more romantic than a winter wedding.  Your surroundings covered in a blanket of snow, snuggling up by a fire and kissing under the mistletoe!

Whether you're planning a holiday-themed event filled with spruce pine, hot chocolate and wool wraps, or a winter wonderland gathering with frost covered details and sparkles, this season is bountiful with inspiration.

Get in the mood with our top picks for winter inspiration including colors, dresses, flowers and other fun winter ideas.