Prenup or Not? Things To Consider In Your Decision

Image Source: Brides

Image Source: Brides

We know, we know, the idea of discussing how to handle the end of your marriage before it even begins isn’t appealing. But hear us out, there can be many pros to having this legally binding agreement in place, even though you hope to never need to use it. Prenuptials aren’t just for couples with a lot of money or income inequalities either, they can be a good idea for couples in any financial situation. This gives you the opportunity to lay all your financial cards on the table, make sure you and your partner are on the same page, and have a game plan moving forward.

Contrary to popular belief, even if you maintain separate “personal” bank accounts after your marriage, the law sees all assets as combined. So in the event of a separation, your spouse is entitled to half the amount in your personal account. A prenup gives you the opportunity to give stipulations to how you want to divide assets in the event of a divorce. If you’re getting married, we would hope that you’ve had open and honest financial discussions, but if you’ve failed to do so up until this point, planning out a prenup could be an eye-opening experience.

Image Source: Today

Image Source: Today

There are some pros to having a prenup -- obviously, or else no one would get them! Some of the biggest ones that we like to highlight are that if you’re coming into the relationship with family inheritance, you can write that in to be preserved if things turn south. If you’re coming into the marriage with children from previous marriages, you can ensure that they’re taken care of and protected. It also prevents a nasty battle over assets because most things will already be laid out.

People have a lot of negative thoughts and feelings towards prenuptials. For example, many see it as planning the end of a relationship before it begins, or that there’s a lack of trust between the couple. While it’s certainly not romantic and can definitely cause a bit of tension, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a lack of trust. If your partner wants a prenup, have an open discussion and understand that they want to make sure you are both covered if things go downhill.

Image Source: Huffington Post

Image Source: Huffington Post

If you do opt for a prenuptial, keep a few things in mind throughout the process. First off, make sure you hire separate legal counsel to ensure both parties are fairly represented in the discussions. Be honest and open in your discussions. Make sure you’re fully disclosing all relevant information and assets, if you fail to disclose or are found to have hidden assets in the process, the prenuptial can be voided. Make sure you come to an end result that you are both happy with. Just because you plan on never having to use the document doesn’t mean you should settle with something that’s unfair or not to your liking!

Bringing Your Personality Into Your Wedding Menu



Wedding food is not always the tastiest, but it doesn't have to be that way! Choosing your wedding menu can be a daunting task, and we understand you want your guests to be full and happy before jumping on the dance floor. To help you accomplish this, we are sharing ways in which you can put your personality into your wedding food. When your guests can connect the newlywed couple to your menu, they will be more likely to enjoy it and rock the electric slide. 


The laid back couple are the pair who would rather be hanging out at home, enjoying a beer, and grilling than trying the newest Mexican restaurant in the city. To help bring this personality into the menu, try serving finger foods, BBQ, and comfort foods. Even install a personal tap wall with the couple's favorite brews to share with guests!


For the couple that could dance all night long, serve food tapas or appetizer style. This way food can be eaten in quick courses or freely by guests when hungry. This is also a great way to showcase a wide variety of cuisine. Have an app station with fish, one with veggies, one that's Italian or Indian. There are endless food combinations and styles that fit with this menu design!


For the couple that loves dining out at five-star restaurants try a menu that comes in multiple courses with a refined taste. Look for a caterer who puts effort into every detail on every plate. Tailor the menu to one type of cuisine and focus on making every course more delicious than the next. Finish with individual desserts like crème brûlée or tiramisu, or serve everyone a slice of your wedding cake. 


For the couple that loves their Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A, consider using these companies to cater your dinner. Or consider having a pizza bar where guests can choose however many types of pizza they want! It may not be the fanciest dinner, but everyone will be sure to enjoy and it will be memorable. Your guests will love how true to yourself you are and who doesn't enjoy greasy fries with their open bar?

5 Creative Ways to Get Out of Your Date Night Funk

So you finally made some time for a date night with your hubby, but now’s the real issue: what’s there to do besides dinner and a movie? It’s easy to just opt for the go-to, comfortable date night routine you guys might have grown into, but there are so many other exciting options and adventures out there that won’t break the bank! Seeking out different things, exploring new places, and trying your hand at something new together creates memories far more special than just another dinner date. We put together a list of some of our fave creative ideas for date night on a budget below!


Image Source:  AlwaysSparkle

Image Source: AlwaysSparkle

Skip the endless binge-watching on Netflix and opt for a stand up special in real-life instead! This makes a perfect date night for obvious reasons: you’ll spend the night laughing together over a few drinks - what’s better than that? Comedy shows are a great choice because they require some advance planning. No matter how busy you are, you can grab some tickets, mark it on your calendar, and count down to a fun night out with each other!



Image Source:  VeboLife

Image Source: VeboLife

Escape rooms have become a major trend lately for all ages, but there’s something special about them when it comes to date nights in particular - you have to work together! An escape room forces you and your partner to communicate and use teamwork to solve a series of puzzles; this isn’t like the movies, where you sit in silence for an hour and a half. Instead, spend that time working together, laughing when you fail, and cheering when you beat each puzzle! You may even be paired up with other couples on a bigger team, which could be an awesome chance to meet new people that you wouldn’t otherwise. An escape room is one of the more expensive dates on this list, but ironically enough, tickets for two are nearly the same price as the movies in the long run, so give it a try!



Image Source: @ UnderTheSilverLining

Image Source: @UnderTheSilverLining

Get together and brainstorm some things you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to go after alone! Whether it’s a salsa class that you can practice your moves in or a wine and paint night where you can test one another’s artistic ability, classes can make for an adorable date night that doubles as a lesson, too.



Image Source: @ Simply.Wines

Image Source: @Simply.Wines

Spending a Saturday afternoon outside over brunch and wine doesn’t just have to be a girls’ trip. Include your partner, and make it a romantic outing instead! It’s the perfect way to spend a spring day enjoying something new together. If your hubby isn’t much of a wine guy, check out some local breweries instead!



Image Source: @ Kristi_Flash

Image Source: @Kristi_Flash

DateBox is a subscription service that’s been expanding a lot recently, and one of their newest additions makes for the perfect date night on any budget. You can opt for the digital only plan, which is only $7.99 a month! One of their recent digital dates was an at-home Chopped challenge with a twist. They provide a list of crazy ingredients to work with, you set a budget, hit the grocery store, and compete in a cook-off, all while completing a 20 Questions-style game together. There’s tons of options beyond the digital one, too, that’ll send you all over your city.

Decorating as a Couple

Moving in together is just like wedding planning: an exciting time that can filled with stressful decisions. Find out how to combine styles and who to look for when you need inspiration!

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 2.58.57 PM.png

The first step in making your space a home that reflects you as a couple is to identify your couple's style. Odds are that each of you is bringing a different aesthetic, so just being able to articulate your style will prove helpful in the design process. This sounds easy but it can be difficult! To help in this process take this Style quiz by Lonny.

Here are the three main styles that are trendy right now.

Don't feel like you need to stick to one style! If you are bringing a modern style couch to the space, it doesn't mean the entire room needs to have a minimal modern feel.

To save you time, we have done our research and are excited to share our tips and top pieces of advice with you. Happy designing!

  1. Identify each of your styles- See our What's Our Style section.
  2. Take inventory- What are you bringing to the home? What is your partner bringing? This way you can quickly identify what major items you have duplicates of. Two couches but just need one? Our advice is to pick the one that is more neutral. Having your major pieces be neutral allows for more options. Once you have taken stock of your inventory, then you can create a shopping/wish list for decor items that will help bring in your new couple's style.
  3. Live in the space first- We suggest taking a few weeks to live in your new space. You need to have time to see how the space works for you, your style and your schedule. Pay particular attention to what your high traffic areas are and plan your design accordingly.
  4. Look for inspiration- While some times Pinterest can be overwhelming, when it comes to the home design process, it will be your most useful tool. Designing is a visual process and if you are not familiar with it, look to the experts! Use Pinterest not only for room design ideas but also for the small designs, like how to style your coffee table.