Make a Splash with Your 4th of July Decor

We’re just days away from one of the most patriotic days of the year! If you’re hosting this year, you’ll want to add a bit of patriotic flair to your decor. That’s where we come in. We’re here to share some of our favorite patriotic decor images to help inspire your decor designs, too!

Our Favorite Functional Decor Additions to Any Home

Decorating your home is so much fun! We love switching out pieces for the holidays or as seasons change, but what’s most important is developing your “core” pieces that will remain year round. Our favorite pieces are decor are beautiful but also serve a purpose and have some functionality to them. With that in mind, we’re sharing some of those favorites that we feel work in any home to add a little extra pop to your space!

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Indoor Herb Garden

Kitchens are becoming more and more neutral in their coloring and styling (which, don’t get us wrong, we love!), but adding a nice counter top herb garden is a great way to add some color. The function in this is pretty obvious -- you always have fresh herbs on hand. Check out our post on how to create your own for some more inspiration to get started!

Image Source: Etsy

Image Source: Etsy

Blanket Ladder or Basket

In most places, blankets aren’t needed year round, but they sure do look pretty if styled correctly. We love having a beautiful storage solution for your blankets. If you have room, we love love LOVE a simple ladder to hang blankets on in your living room. If space is more of an issue, grab a fun bin or basket to put on your fireplace and fill with your favorite throws. This will keep your couch looking more organized with the blankets being kept separate.

Image Source: Etsy

Image Source: Etsy


We love clocks! Wall clocks, tabletop clocks… you name it, we love it. The functionality of clocks is also clear: to tell time. Work a wall clock into your gallery wall or a tabletop clock into your shelves. There is a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to select from, so it’s basically guaranteed that there will be one that matches your home aesthetic. We love a clock that adds a little pop of color to your space!

Image Source: Runted Run

Image Source: Runted Run


We use baskets everywhere. Here’s the thing about baskets, if you pick the right ones, they’re pretty BUT you can also use them to hide so much stuff! Little things you don’t want to be seen can easily slide into a basket. We love using them in closets, in the bathroom, and even in the living room. They’re a great organizational tool, but organizational tools can be pretty and functional!

Image Source: Design Sponge

Image Source: Design Sponge

Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards are beautiful and add a rich pop of color to your kitchen. It also keeps them handy for when you’re prepping your food! We love wooden cutting boards because overtime, plastic ones can actually start to break down and pieces can end up in your food… ew! So, showcasing your wooden cutting boards adds some easy decor but also a safer alternative for chopping.

New Year's Entertaining Guide

FontCandy (9).png

New Year’s Eve is only a few days away, and we wanted to make sure your party is the best of the year! To help you with your hosting duties, we created a New Year’s Entertaining Guide! It covers all the inspiration you will need from food to decor! Happy hosting!


New Year’s Eve is all about dancing around and having fun! Your should serve a variety of h'dourves so your guests can move and eat! Here are some amazing recipes to inspire you:


Make festive drinks, stock your bar cart, or make a pitcher or two of your favorite drinks! Don’t forget to pour some champagne for the midnight countdown!


Since you are serving h’dourves, a set dinner table is unnecessary. Opt for New Year’s themed flatware, dishes, and cups, and lean towards a silver and gold color scheme. If planning a fancier evening, serve drinks in glasses and offer ornate small plates for guests to place their h’dourves.


There are so many options for your New Year’s Eve decor! Be fun and hand out 2018 themed glasses, hats, party blowers, etc. and create a photo booth! Or take a more classy approach and decorate with silver and gold orbs, garlands, and vases. 


Your outfit should be comfortable, yet fashionable; you want to wow your guests with your style! This is the one time a year where sparkle is acceptable and expected, so don’t waste the opportunity!

Memorial Day Inspiration Board

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Going into this holiday, it’s important to remember and honor those who have fought for our country. With that in mind, it’s also a day full of great American spirit! Enjoy the outdoors with a cookout, fun games, and great food surrounded by your family and friends!

Holiday Decor Inspiration

Decorating for the holidays can be tricky, finding the right balance and aesthetic and the pieces to tie it all together. Today, we’re going to breakdown a holiday set up so that you can replicate it at home! We love how these built-ins are styled: a mix of classic and whimsy!

The best part? We’ve found most of these pieces, or something similar, at great prices that are perfect for the everyday budget! Happy decorating!

Decorating as a Couple

Moving in together is just like wedding planning: an exciting time that can filled with stressful decisions. Find out how to combine styles and who to look for when you need inspiration!

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 2.58.57 PM.png

The first step in making your space a home that reflects you as a couple is to identify your couple's style. Odds are that each of you is bringing a different aesthetic, so just being able to articulate your style will prove helpful in the design process. This sounds easy but it can be difficult! To help in this process take this Style quiz by Lonny.

Here are the three main styles that are trendy right now.

Don't feel like you need to stick to one style! If you are bringing a modern style couch to the space, it doesn't mean the entire room needs to have a minimal modern feel.

To save you time, we have done our research and are excited to share our tips and top pieces of advice with you. Happy designing!

  1. Identify each of your styles- See our What's Our Style section.
  2. Take inventory- What are you bringing to the home? What is your partner bringing? This way you can quickly identify what major items you have duplicates of. Two couches but just need one? Our advice is to pick the one that is more neutral. Having your major pieces be neutral allows for more options. Once you have taken stock of your inventory, then you can create a shopping/wish list for decor items that will help bring in your new couple's style.
  3. Live in the space first- We suggest taking a few weeks to live in your new space. You need to have time to see how the space works for you, your style and your schedule. Pay particular attention to what your high traffic areas are and plan your design accordingly.
  4. Look for inspiration- While some times Pinterest can be overwhelming, when it comes to the home design process, it will be your most useful tool. Designing is a visual process and if you are not familiar with it, look to the experts! Use Pinterest not only for room design ideas but also for the small designs, like how to style your coffee table.


moody romance

As the temperatures start to drop, we can’t help but fall in love with a dark and moody color palette. Looking to add a mysterious feel to your wedding? A moody romance theme might be just what you’re looking for! These deep, rich, gorgeous colors are perfect for a late fall event. Here are some of our favorite pieces of inspiration.

DIY Snow Covered Glass

Parsimony Vintage- Event Planning-DIY Epsom Salt Snow Covered Glass


  1. Mod Podge
  2. Epsom Salt
  3. Glass vase or container
  4. Glitter
  5. Brush (we prefer sponge brushes)
Parsimony Vintage- Event Planning-DIY Epsom Salt Snow Covered Glass

Parsimony Vintage- Event Planning-DIY Epsom Salt Snow Covered Glass

Using the Mod Podge, cover the sides of the glass.  There are tons of different approaches to using this product, and different approaches can create different effects. We recommend that you experiment before you use it on something of value. You can watch beginner tutorials here.

Next, apply the Epsom Salt. There are two ways you can do this. Either you can sprinkle it on, or you can roll your glass in it. For this project, we're sprinkling it on, because we find it has a finer coat of salt, giving you a less opaque final product. Again, feel free to experiment with the effect you like best!

Parsimony Vintage- Event Planning-DIY Epsom Salt Snow Covered Glass
Parsimony Vintage- Event Planning-DIY Epsom Salt Snow Covered Glass

After the Mod Podge has started to get tacky, apply glitter VERY SPARINGLY.  Remember, when it comes to glitter, a little goes a long way. If you're not careful, it will get EVERYWHERE!

Throw in a candle, or some flowers, and VOILÀ!

  1. Mod Podge
  2. Epsom Salt can be purchased at your local pharmacy
  3. Glitter
  4. Brush