How to Style: White Jeans

White jean season is here! We absolutely love a good white jean. There are so many ways you can style your favorite pair for any occasion. We love how flexible a nice pair of white jeans can be and budget-friendly, too. One of our favorite pairs is on sale at Old Navy for $29! Once you have your jeans, how do you style them? No worries, we have you covered.

Image Source: C Style Blog

Image Source: C Style Blog

Wear to Work

White jeans can be dressed up for a nice crisp, clean look that’s perfect for the workplace. We love pairing them with a solid button-down or fun blouse. Complete the look with nude accessories -- your belt, shoes, and purse. This is great for summer and will transition nicely into any after-work activities you may have while still looking professional for the daytime. After all, who doesn’t love a look that can easily transition from day to night?

Image Source: Her Campus

Image Source: Her Campus

A Night Out

Girls night! What are you wearing? Grab those lovely white jeans and pair them with a nice light off the shoulder top. We love the femininity of a flowy off the shoulder top, and picking a nice light blush color really furthers that style. Grab a pair of nude pumps for a simple and elegant look that really achieves that “effortlessly stunning” feel!

Image Source: Upskirt Clothing

Image Source: Upskirt Clothing

Weekend Fun

It’s finally the weekend and you’re headed out for a day of fun! But what do you wear for all your adventures? You need something relaxed, comfortable, and versatile for some shopping or maybe even your flea market hunting, lunch with the girls… who knows! Obviously we’re rocking those jeans again. Pair with a chambray shirt for a more laid-back look while still looking effortlessly chic. Swap out the pumps for some cute nude sandals to show off your pedi and grab a hat to hide from the sun!

Image Source: Blog Lovin

Image Source: Blog Lovin

The All White Trend

We’re loving this newest trend, but we’re also super intimidated by it! Not only do you have to make sure you can keep everything clean, but it just takes a certain person to really rock this look. The key is LAYERS! If you’re still intimidated, work your way slowly there by throwing a nude blazer on over your ensamble to add just a subtle bit of color. Can you tell we love the nude and white combo yet? Nude accessories are the best because they literally go with any outfit!

5 Winter Jackets You Need This Season



Every girl knows that one winter jacket is not enough. We want our jackets to match our outfits or be appropriate for every event we attend. Unfortunately, jackets can be expensive, and we can’t all afford to have thirty jackets in our closet. So, to save your closet space and wallet, we at Parsimony Inspired created a list of the five jackets you need to keep your winter wardrobe stylish and well rounded!




Pea coats were originally worn by European sailors and American Navy Men. They are typically made of wool, short in length (above the knee), have broad lapels, and a double breasted front with large buttons. Pea coats can be worn as an everyday coat when the weather is not below freezing, and it is also acceptable to wear for more business-like occasions such as work, an interview, or dinner. Normally fashioned in neutral colors, pea coats do come in a variety of bright colors and patterns to satisfy every woman’s preference.




Ski Jackets are designed to keep the active woman warm. Typically used for winter outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding, they can also be used as the outermost layer when the temperature drops and the wind picks up (they are usually wind resistant). Ski jackets come in a variety of length, colors, and layers. When deciding on a jacket, first consider the insulating materials. Do you need one that protects you at -30°F or one that protects you at just 20°F? These coats are definitely casual in nature, so pick one with fun colors no one will miss on the slopes!




The original trench coat is a long waterproof coat that is double breasted with 10 buttons, has wide lapels, and a tie or belt at the waist. This twist on the original trench coat still boasts the flashy lapels and belt, but is made of wool instead. A long wool trench coat is warm, cozy, and fancy. Like a pea coat it typically is made in neutral colors, but can be found in many other colors and patterns. It is more business than casual, and is appropriate for any work or important meeting you have planned. It also plays up casual wear and looks great with jeans, heels, and a colorful scarf!




Cocoon coats are unstructured and loose fitting-think a mix between a coat, cape, and cloak. They tend to have voluminous sleeves, and are a perfect outer layer when wearing a chunky sweater. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials, and can either be casual or dressy. When dressing up the cocoon coat, make sure the outfit underneath is sleek and well fitted. Not all of these coats have closures, so wear them on warmer days or indoors as a fashion statement!




The parka was created by the Caribou Inuit to keep warm while hunting in the frigid Arctic. It is hip length, with a (faux) fur-lined hood, and typically stuffed with down warm synthetic fiber. This is your go to frigid weather coat. The down lining will keep you warm without having to layer 2 sweaters underneath. Parkas are acceptable as both business and casual wear. They are usually neutral in color and simply embellished with the fur-lined hood and sometimes toggle buttons. Parkas are a must-have for those living in cold climates, but can be passed on by those lucky enough to enjoy warm weather all year long!

How to Crush the Winter Fashion Game



Winter fashion lends itself to the comfiest clothes of the year, but if you’re not careful your outfit can come across as lazy. We want you looking your best this winter, so we’ve picked our top five must-have pieces for your wardrobe to crush the fashion game!


Fashionable hair ribbons are a great way to play up your simple ponytail or braid. Silk is great for the winter because it decreases static and reduces split ends and dried out hair.


Don’t be afraid of this 90’s comeback! Turtlenecks are super comfy, protect your neck from the cold, and elongate your neck (now you can rock those super long tassel earrings!) Wear an oversized turtleneck sweater or layer a tight fitting turtleneck under a leather jacket or wool coat!


If worn correctly, an oversized cardigan is a great accent piece! Find one with a bold pattern or color to spice up simple layers underneath, or tone down a colorful outfit with a neutral toned cardigan! Make sure the cardigan doesn’t overwhelm your size- think top layer not poncho.


If you don’t have these in your closet, you need to go buy some immediately! Now you can wear that skirt or dress all winter long without turning your legs into icicles!


If you lean towards gloves for hand warmth, try picking up a pair of mittens instead! Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves, so wear them when walking about the city or standing in the dog park! Seek out fleece or sherpa lined mittens, and of course mittens with pretty and sophisticated patterns and colors.

Office Holiday Party Outfit Guide & Inspiration

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Every year we are obligated to go to an office holiday party, and every year we have difficulty deciding what to wear. This season, we’ve created a guide with inspiration to help you choose an appropriate and stylish outfit!

casual dress code

If your daily work attire is casual, you can expect a casual dress code for your office party! Pair jeans with a cute sweater or flannel shirt. Tuck a simple shirt into a fun colored or patterned skirt, or wear a stylish wool coat! Use bright colors and jewel tones to your advantage to make your casual clothes fashionable!

business casual & semi formal dress code

Business casual & semi formal attire ranges from pants to dresses. Pair cropped pants or formal joggers with a bright heel. Wear a flirty dress or skirt, or be bold and try out a jumpsuit! Add a little sparkle to a structured outfit for some holiday spirit!

formal dress code

A formal dress code is the green light to be as fancy as you desire! Where pants are not quite acceptable at a formal party, you can wear a fashionable jumpsuit! Find one that is tailored and monochrome. Skirts should be full, textured, or colorful, and dresses should be knee-length or longer. Since it is a holiday party, your dress should stand out, whether with appliques, color, or silhouette!

Finding Your Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Image Source: Chic Vintage Brides

Image Source: Chic Vintage Brides

No one gets excited about their Thanksgiving outfit. It’s a holiday with a bland color palette (browns, dull oranges and yellows), and the dress code is anywhere from casual to formal. This year, we decided to help you find the perfect Thanksgiving outfit inspiration from jeans to dresses in all colors! You will definitely be excited to show off your OOTD to your family and friends.

For A Casual Dinner

For A Semi-Formal Dinner

For A Formal Dinner

Spring to Summer Wardrobe Transition

Didn’t have time to complete your spring cleaning of your wardrobe? No problem! Going into the summer season, you’d be surprised at how many new outfits you can create with your clothes from prior seasons! 

With spring’s cool breezes, you probably still have a few lightweight sweaters hanging around in your closet. Store away any heavy material sweaters (wool & tweed), and keep some light cotton sweaters for those chilly summer nights. 

Keep an eye out for trends in fashion for the summer. You never know what articles of clothing you already own that you can transition into a trendy summer outfit!


Spring and summer share a similar color palette (pinks, yellows, blues, etc.). By already owning solid t-shirts or pants that share the same color palette, it’s very easy to create new outfits!

Keep your light-weight scarves in your closet to spruce up a dress, or wear statement necklaces with a new summer outfit. Just like clothes, you can wear accessories that you already own with new outfits, or to jazz up a basic t-shirt or tunic!  

How to Dress for a Destination Wedding

Upcoming tropical destination wedding and no clue what to wear? Not to worry, we have you covered. Preparing for a destination wedding can be a lot more difficult and stressful than your average wedding! There may not be a clear dress code, but it’s safe to say if you’re headed to a tropical destination that you’ll have your toes in the sand aside some crystal-clear water! 

For a tropical wedding, we recommend you have some fun with your outfit choice! A destination wedding calls for some bright colors or even fun patterns (without going too over the top), so leave your fancy lace at home and enjoy the sunshine with a pop of color. Here are some of our picks for 2017 destination weddings, all under $50!


2017 Fashion Trends

New year, new trends! To get our minds off of the cold weather, it’s only appropriate to start thinking about updating your spring wardrobe. To help you get started, we’ve looked into this year’s hottest fashion trends for spring 2017, filled with nothing but fun colors, bold stripes, and even some creative textures! Have fun and happy shopping!


Stripes are the new “classic white tee!” Whether bold or subtle, adding some stripes to your wardrobe will spruce up your outfit fabulously! 


In need of some comfy footwear this season? Lucky for you, sneakers are in! Patterned sneakers, textured sneakers, or platform, they are sure to give you that chic look all while keeping your comfort as your #1 priority! 

2017 is looking bright! This season's colors are pointing toward different shades of pinks and yellows! Nothing will give your wardrobe a fresh new look than a pop of color! 

No longer just for your sneakers! Creative new ways to (literally) tie together your clothes. From shirts to dresses, you can spruce up any outfit with some fun ties and laces! 

Top Holiday Party Outfits

Having a hard time figuring out what to wear for your holiday festivities? We’re here to help! One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is the wide variety of options you have to choose from while still looking cute and staying on a budget. Between bold, seasonal colors, bright, fun metallics, and classic neutrals, the possibilities are endless!

For a more classic look, we love a simple base dress that you can accessorize to your heart’s content. Add a statement piece necklace or a cozy blanket scarf, throw on some ankle booties, and you’re ready to go!

Looking for something that does all the talking itself? No problem. Here are some of our favorites for the girl looking to add a little character to her outfit.

Finally, for the girl who really wants to make a statement! We love the bright, flashy sequins these options offer. No doubt, all eyes will be on you!

Do you have a favorite holiday look? Let us know what your secret is!