The Best Ways to Preserve Your Bouquet After the Big Day

Your bridal bouquet is such a special piece of your big day. You spend so much money on it, it’s definitely something you want to be able to preserve! That being said, sending your bouquet off to be professionally preserved isn’t always in the budget. Luckily, there are so many ways you can preserve your bouquet at home for a fraction of the cost. Today we’re going to review our favorite ways to DIY preserve your flowers! Keep in mind, your flowers may not be fresh cut on the day of the wedding, so it’s best to have a plan in place before your wedding as to not waste time in the preservation after the big day.

Image Source: Garden Pics and Tips

Image Source: Garden Pics and Tips

Hang Drying Your Bouquet

Probably the easiest option, hang your bouquet upside down to dry. While this is the easiest and most inexpensive option, it is also probably takes the longest. Your flowers will need to hang for a couple of weeks or even a month in order to dry completely. Once dried, you can display the flowers in a variety of ways. Our favorite is to fill a shadow box with the dried blooms! It’s important to note that in drying your flowers out this way, the color of the blooms won’t stay the same.

Drying with Silica Gel

Image Source: Hydrangeas Hydrangeas

Image Source: Hydrangeas Hydrangeas

This is a really cool option if you’re feeling a little crafty! You can find silica gel at most craft stores. You’ll also need an air-tight container large enough to fit all your flowers so that they’re completely covered. Start with a layer of silica gel (it’s a fine sand-like material), then lay the flowers in the container. Gently fill in with the silica gel all around the flowers and cover so that they’re no longer visible. Cover the container and store in warm place for a week and a half. After removing the flowers, brush off any remaining silica gel and spray them with a fixative or hairspray. Make sure you let this dry completely before storing them in a box.

Image Source: Design Crush Blog

Image Source: Design Crush Blog

Press Drying

We love all the fun options you have with press drying flowers! While you may not necessarily be able to do this with your full bouquet, it’s still a great option. Find a big, heavy book (like a phone book). Line pages with parchment paper and place flowers between the layers. Close the book and weigh it down with other heavy objects enough that the flowers are being compressed and flattened in the pages. Leave them to dry for 7-10 days. After they’re dried out, you can arrange and frame the pressed blooms. Alternatively, if you have some smaller blooms, you can make little ornaments too!

Image Source: Flower Preservation Workshop

Image Source: Flower Preservation Workshop

Creating Paperweights with Epoxy Resin

This is a really cool option if you’re looking for something unique! Grab a sphere mold from your craft store. Fill it halfway with clear epoxy resin. Gently arrange your flowers inside and finish filling the mold with the epoxy. After it dries, you have a stunning new paperweight!

Try This Super Simple DIY to Brighten Up Any Home!

Lake and DIY 035.JPG

It’s hard to believe that spring has sprung and tomorrow is May… but we’re not complaining! April showers bring May flowers, so today we’re sharing a super easy DIY to start to bring those flowers into your home. Bright, fun wreaths are a simple way to incorporate that color and give your home an extra, welcoming pop of color. Part of why we love this wreath is that you can leave it up throughout the spring and summer months, and we love a versatile piece of decor made on a budget! This whole project cost a grand total of $13, how can you say no to that? Make sure you check for coupons before you head to your craft store, they always have sales going on!

What You’ll Need:

Lake and DIY 030.JPG
  • 2 tulip bunches in your desired color(s)
  • 18 inch grapevine wreath
  • Garden scissors or wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Garden wire (optional)

How to Assemble:

  1. Deconstruct your tulip bunches so you have a bunch of individual stems. Make sure to cut decent length stems as we’ll be tucking them into the wreath.
  2. While your hot glue gun warms up, start placing your tulip stems around the outer half of your wreath to test out spacing and placement.
  3. Once you have decided where you want your stems to be, start securing them in place with hot glue. If you’re worried you’re going to change your mind on placement, instead wrap each stem with garden wire to secure. Or, use a combination for extra tight security.
  4. Once your stems are all secured and in place, hang your wreath and enjoy! How simple was that?!

20 Plants to Create Your Perfect Garden

Image Source: Happy Days Farm

Image Source: Happy Days Farm

As the weather warms up, we can help but start thinking about what we’re planting in the garden this year! We love how therapeutic gardening is and we also love having a beautifully landscaped and colorful yard. Whether your yard is big or small, shady or full of sun, we have the plants for you. Here’s to yummy smelling, bright and colorful yards to fill with amazing memories this season.


Mostly shady yard? No problem, there are so many great plants that love that shady spot. Which means having a shady yard doesn’t mean you can’t still have a beautiful garden! Our top picks for your perfect garden are hostas, astilbe, foxglove, and primrose.


Or, maybe you have the opposite scenario and your yard is full sun all the time. That works too! There are plenty of plants that survive and thrive in a nice sunny space. For this yard, our picks are daylilies, shasta daisies, black eyed Susans, and coneflowers.


Is your goal to walk outside to a beautiful and deliciously fragrant space? We don’t blame you… it sounds amazing! There are so many wonderfully fragrant plants that it can be hard to pick which ones are your favorites. Ours are wisteria, hyacinth, lilacs, and gardenia!


Do you have a trellis or arbor of some sort that you dream of having beautiful floral growth on? It’s one of our favorite looks too! It’s not always easy to find the right climbing plants, but our picks are morning glories, trumpet vine, moonflowers, and dutchman’s pipe.


Hey, not everyone is born with a green thumb. Or maybe you’re already running around like crazy and just don’t have time to commit to caring for a garden on a regular basis. No worries at all, we know how it feels! Luckily, there are some really easy keepers that will create that beautiful garden you’re looking for without all the extra work. Our picks are Russian sage, coral bells, yarrow, and chrysanthemum.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Coffee Table with this Simple DIY

Image Source: Brit + Co

Image Source: Brit + Co

The weather’s getting warmer, spring is inching closer, and floral DIYs are already taking over 2018. There’s so many options, from making your own jewelry out of of fresh flower or crafting your own custom boxed arrangement. You can even make a chic and minimalist wall clock out of roses! But some of these trendy DIYs can be a bit intimidating, with dozens of steps and pricey materials. Instead, grab a few petals from an arrangement you already have, pick up some dollar store picture frames, and make an adorable pressed flower coaster! They’re quick, simple, and look far more expensive than they actually cost to make.

Image Source: Hearth and Vine

Image Source: Hearth and Vine

These gorgeous coasters can be an affordable way to bring some more florals into a springtime wedding! Press some of the same flowers you’ll have in your bouquet and use them at your cocktail hour or gift them to your bridal party. Or, if you’re feeling crafty on a rainy spring day, make a set with some of your favorite flowers to glam up your coffee table with a bright pop of color!

Image Source: Etsy Journal

Image Source: Etsy Journal

Handmade’s version of this DIY is especially charming, and we love the vintage look they went with for their set. The gold foil edge is so on trend right now, but change the tape up to match your decor or event theme. If you’re feeling extra artsy, you can make tiny arrangements on each glass to really bring a charming and original touch to every coaster! We love the ones featured on Brit + Co. The colors are vibrant and the arrangements are quirky - it’s the perfect way to add a touch of springtime fun to your decor!

Below is Brit + Co’s step-by-step tutorial that any beginner would be able to follow!

  1. Arrange the flowers on top of four of the glass coasters.
  2. Secure the flowers down with a small dab of E6000 glue.
  3. Sandwich the flowers with another glass tile.
  4. Trim a 16.5 inch piece of copper tape and adhere it along the edges of the glass tiles. Try to center the copper tape as much as possible. This will help make the copper border look as clean and consistent as possible.
  5. Press the excess copper tape down to create the copper border detail.
  6. Run a smooth object along the copper tape to flatten any ridges that may have formed.
Image Source: kmpressed

Image Source: kmpressed

Meet Annie of Wildfield Paper Co.


We are so happy that we were able to chat with Annie of Wildfield Paper Co. about her absolutely stunning work, upcoming events, and her recent trip to the annual Silobration! Make sure you stop by her site and grab one of her beautiful prints!

image  source: wildfield Paper co

image  source: wildfield Paper co

PI: We are completely in love with your work! How did you get into watercolors and calligraphy?

AM: Thank you! I’ve been painting all my life. In fact—like most children—I first learned to paint by using watercolors. After finishing formal training in school, I wanted to get back to the refreshing lightness of watercolors, and so it’s been for a while now. Calligraphy came a bit later. I was really fascinated by the beauty of the written word, combining words and art just seemed so natural.

PI: Where do you draw your inspiration for new prints from?

AM: The inspiration can come from many places as long as I’m being aware of the world around me. Looking at art or reading creative books or thinking about what might complete a blank space help. But mostly my inspiration comes from being immersed in nature—there’s no substitute for the delicate complexity of mother earth.


PI: How did you decide to give calligraphy workshops and where do we sign up?!

AM: I noticed that a lot of people were getting into calligraphy and were looking for a place to learn the basics. A few even reached out to me and so I decided I’d give it a go. They have been excellent experiences so far as all the attendees are really eager to learn and improve their technique. I’m currently in the process of setting up some additional workshops, and when I do, you can sign up on my website.

image source: wildfield paper co

image source: wildfield paper co

PI: What are your favorite flowers to paint?

AM: I’ve always loved the beauty of roses—you can’t get more classic than that. All the varieties have unique and interesting details to paint. Peonies and ranunculus are also favorites.

PI: How did you get involved with Minted, and what have you learned from your experiences with the company?

AM: Minted has been an excellent resource for me as a small business owner. As a creative, I tend to shy away from the business/operations side of work. Minted takes care of that for me. It’s been a good way to reach large audiences and see what really sells. They run contests throughout the year for different holidays and events; one year I just went for it and since then I haven’t looked back.

image source: wildfield paper co

image source: wildfield paper co

PI: You participated in the recent Silobration. What was that like?

AM: Silobration is a whirlwind. Everything from preparation and travel to participation is filled with an excited energy. The event is very well attended and the quality of talent and products is inspiring. It’s fun to be set up right there near the silos and getting to meet people from all over the U.S. and even from many foreign countries.  

PI: What would be your number one piece of advice for someone looking to start their own business from the ground up?

AM: I would advise someone thinking of starting their own business to think carefully about what they want to offer and if they are truly passionate about their product/work. Without that motivation, it can be hard to continue sometimes. It’s a risk, but if it’s really what you want, it’s completely worth it to work on your dream.



Want your own print from Annie? We’re giving away this beauty over on Instagram! Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram at @wildfieldpaperco to see more of her gorgeous work! Make sure to use the code PARSIMONY2017 for 10% off your order.


Want your company to be featured on Parsimony? Email us at for more information!

Flowers in Your Hair Inspiration Board


If you are as obsessed with flowers as we are, you’ll want to incorporate them in every way possible for your wedding. Your bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and arrangements for your ceremony comprise of flowers, but there’s one more place to add a floral touch--your hair! Whether it’s just a few flowers and leaves, or a full flower crown, your hair will look undoubtedly gorgeous all day long. Use flowers consistent in all floral arrangements to tie together your color theme and personal style. Also, be sure to choose flowers with sturdy stems so they stay in place. If your budget is constricted, opt for synthetic floral clips; they look just as beautiful!

For this inspiration board, we highlighted florals and colors of the fall season: sunflowers, hydrangeas, anemone, calla lily, and red, orange, and yellow (purple and blue accent), colors.

Wedding Hair Accessories

An important decision that relates to your wedding hairstyle is deciding what, if any, hair accessories you want. There are numerous options for hair accessories, from simple barrettes to long veils, and most accessories look great with whichever hairstyle you get for your big day

image courtesy of: vibbi

image courtesy of: vibbi

image courtesy of: girlyard

image courtesy of: girlyard

The classic hairpiece for your wedding day is wearing a veil. Veils are very traditional at weddings, and go with almost all wedding gowns and hairstyles!


image courtesy of: stylish wife

image courtesy of: stylish wife

image courtesy of: usa bride

image courtesy of: usa bride

Feel like an absolute princess on your wedding day by wearing your own tiara! Go with the classic tiara, or opt for a more fun and whimsical one with different shapes!


image courtesy of: the honeycomb

image courtesy of: the honeycomb

image courtesy of: my wedding

image courtesy of: my wedding

Be creative and match your hair with your own bouquet! With greenery being a big trend in weddings this year, why not add some fun greenery to your hairstyle as well?!

The Jewel Tone Story

When thinking about this concept, we were inspired to mix the old with the new. The gardens and architecture of this late 1800s historical home nestled in the heart of Amherst, Massachusetts, created a simple but elegant backdrop to allow our deep beautiful jewel tones to take center stage.

Our vision for this beautiful shoot was to showcase a deep modern jewel tone palette and embrace a balance of the classic surroundings and the rich modern romance. We created a bold design with hues of pinks, purples, greens and blues, a palette that we accented with the mixture of vintage details and modern touches.

From the modern invitation suite with its geometric shapes and bold colors to the ombre guest seating we were inspired by this beautiful balance of classic and modern.


In Season Flowers

Time to stop and smell the roses! Nothing brightens up your wedding day like fresh-cut bouquets, and we’ve found our favorite flowers for each season!


Warm up your winter wedding day with deep shades of red along with crisp white blossoms. With the romantic atmosphere surrounding a winter wedding, red roses are the perfect flower for your bouquet; however, it is also common to see white orchids and carnations among the mix as well.

The perfect season for freshly bloomed flowers! Think lilacs, pale pinks, and soft whites as you head into picking out your bouquet for your springtime wedding. Peonies are one of our favorite spring blooms as well as tulips, hydrangeas, and lilacs!


It’s time to get that pop of color into your sunny summer day! For summer weddings, it’s great to have bright and fun flowers surrounding your day! From multicolored poppies to bright sunflowers, your options on colors are endless.

To compliment fall’s natural foliage, there’s a variety of flowers to choose from for your autumn wedding day. From oranges to deep purples, the possibilities are endless! Try different autumn-inspired shades of lilies as well as some fun bi-colored roses!

Winter Gathering

When creating this Winter Gathering concept, Parsimony Inspired's vision was to embrace the color palette of winter but balance the look with soft feminine accents. We created a design with hues of creams, greys and greens, a palette that we softened with flowing fabrics, gold accents and mixed textures.

Tucked in the mountains of the Berkshires, Bloom Meadows was the perfect backdrop for this romantic winter shoot. A space with beautiful lines, natural elements and neutral colors, our designs felt rooted in the space and allowed our soft color palette to pop against the beautiful white walls. We loved the venue's design so much we had our invitation designer Kim Small of With Wild and Grace draw the venue and add it to the elegant invitation suite's design. One of our favorite ways to add a custom detail. 

Our bride was styled in a stunning chiffon A-line Lilian West gown. The illusion V-neck and the detail of the lace appliqués also brought a feminine touch to the bridal look, while the long sleeves and chapel length train were the perfect look for a winter wedding. The hair style framed our bride's face with greenery touches while soft makeup with a smokey eye gave a bit of drama to the final look. To add a little sparkle to our bride's style, she wore a stunning engagement ring and wedding band set designed by Megan Thorne and stunning hand crafted moonstone earrings designed by Pamela Froman.

When it came to working with floral designer Stacey Radcliffe of The Tangled Grapevine, we knew that we wanted the flowers to be filled with different types of greenery, our favorite trend for 2017. We incorporated greenery in every aspect of the design from the aerial floral installation above our reception table to greenery in our bride's hair. Stacey created a lush presentation bouquet filled with white Anemone, silver Brunia, white Lisianthus, peach Spray Roses, white Tulips, seeded Eucalyptus, Ruscus, Asparagus Fern and Gooseneck Loosestrifes.

From the serene Berkshire winter setting, the soft and romantic invitation suite with it's perfect vellum wax seal to the amazing marbled cakedesigned by the talented Pete of Pete's Sweets, we balanced winter's neutral palette and elements of nature with soft fabrics, feminine touches and meaningful details that would make you want to spend a winter's eve snuggled up with the one you love.

Photography: Brooke Ellen Photography & Alison Marie Photography | Planning & Design: Parsimony Inspired | Flowers: The Tangled Grapevine | Invitations & Stationery: With Wild and Grace | Cake: Pete’s Sweets | Dress: Lillian West from In White | Makeup: KiSSandMaKeUp | Jewellery: Don Muller Gallery | Videography: Embark Films | Venue: Bloom Meadows

Wedding Trends of 2017


We are counting down the days to the start of the 2017 wedding season! Have you begun designing your big day? We want to help jump start your planning process with our top 4 picks of 2017 wedding trends. 

Want to impress your guests? Dazzle them with something extra in the sky! Aerial decor is one of the newest and biggest trends of 2017. Couples are adding this extra detail to really top off (pun intended!) their big day's design.  So whether you want a floral chandelier or have edison bulbs hanging over your reception tables, there is an aerial concept for every type of style.  

Yay for metallics! We love that this trend shines on in 2017! Metallic shades of copper, rose gold and pewter continue to be mixed into wedding designs. As with most design elements, you need to find a balance so that your full concept is at it's best. We like a design that mixes metallic accents with softer color palettes, like blush tones and ivory. 


Who doesn't love flowers! Floral design has become one of the more important details of wedding design and we are loving the trend. Long gone are the days where roses took center stage! Think soft-petal blooms! Peonies, dahlias, Japanese ranunculus are in high demand not just for the bridal party flowers but statement pieces on your bar, incorporated into your ceremony and anywhere you need that extra wow factor. These beautiful blooms add romance to your big day's style. 

For years brides were sticking with soft palettes of blushes, creams and taupes. Now we are moving into the trend of color; bright, bold and exciting color. Wedding design is heading to make strong statements and bride's first entry into big design is through the use of color. Its a great way to add warmth to a large space or showcase your personal style on your wedding day. 

2017 Bridal Trends

The 2017 runways have spoken! We wanted to share with you our top picks for trends from the runway that you can incorporate into your wedding day style and beyond!

Depending on your style, a veil might not be for you. A great alternative to help create an ethereal look is to wear a bridal cape or capelet! The cape has been trending for a few years and we think its a trend that is not going away anytime soon. Incorporating a cape into your big day's attire is a great way to give a way to switch up your dress; where the cape for your ceremony and then take it off for the dance party reception!

Cape styles are versatile, so there is a cape for every season and every dress style. Time to glam it up!

Top Left: Photo Jose Villa  Dress Lihi Hod | Top Right: Alberta Ferreti | Bottom Left: Temperley via One Day Fab | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

Who doesn't want their wedding day to be dripping in flowers! So why not have botanical design elements incorporated into your dress. Leaves and blooms and vines, on my! We love this trend for the bride that wants her day's look to feel romantic but have a modern flare.

Top Left: Tara Lynn Lawton Photography | Top Right: BHLDN | Bottom Left: Claire Pettibone | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

The metallic trend has been one of our favorites for awhile and from the looks of the 2017 runways it continues to be everyone's favorite. Who doesn't want a little extra sparkle on their big day! From gold to silver to champagne, there is a metallic to fit every style, every bride and every wedding day's design.

Top Left: Maggie Sottero | Top Right: Erica Velasco Photographers Dress Truvelle | Bottom Left: Maggie Sottero | Bottom Right: Photo: Sophie Epton Dress: Alon Livine 

Looking for a fun style? Ruffles bring that unexpected surprise to a dress design. You can go full ruffle for dramatic effect, or have a little ruffle add flare to your style. Ruffles are a great way to add dimension to your hips (if you need it!). We love ruffles for brides who want to add a sense of whimsical and fun to their big day's style.

Top Left: Allure Bridal | Top Right: Persy | Bottom Left: David's Bridal | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

the tangled grapevine

We've got another vendor spotlight for our Pottery Barn/ Parsimony Vintage event, Night at the Registry! We sat down with the owner of The Tangled Grapevine for some insight into her process and her company.

Hi! My name is Stacey Rackliffe from the Tangled Grapevine and I am a special occasion florist for the central New England area. I offer my clients something truly unique and special. I get completely involved in every couples' vision of what their special day will feel like through flowers. When possible we like to include the unexpected into our pieces and use our homegrown flowers, herbs and fruit when seasonally.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from everything around me such as nature, books, Internet and flea markets.  I also take in a lot when I am meeting with the couple.  I get a feel for who they are and what they like.  I will take time to feel what their vision is and also add my own personality into it. By the event itself, the couple is left with something truly beautiful and unique that could never be replicated.

What's the newest trend in wedding flowers that you are loving right now?

The newest trend that I am LOVING is the natural undone look. I feel like every single flower or pod or branch in a piece has its own beauty and I love letting them tell me how they should fit in to the piece. It's just so inspiring and I love that someone could look at the piece a couple times and perhaps find something new every time!

What advice do you have for couple's that want to bring in their season's feel?

If a couple wants to incorporate the season into their look, my advice is to close their eyes and envision what the season means to them personally and to not be afraid of what others might think. Put your whole self into your wedding day and your guests will truly feel it.

Come see Stacey at Night at the Registry, make a floral crown at her table, and enter to win a sweetheart table centerpiece!

moody romance

As the temperatures start to drop, we can’t help but fall in love with a dark and moody color palette. Looking to add a mysterious feel to your wedding? A moody romance theme might be just what you’re looking for! These deep, rich, gorgeous colors are perfect for a late fall event. Here are some of our favorite pieces of inspiration.

baby's breath roundup

Gypsophila better know to all of us as Baby's Breath is a part of the carnation family. This flower is no longer relegated to the role of filler, it's now becoming the star! This wonderful flower is delicate, romantic but the best part is that it is long lasting and inexpensive. Here is our round up of our favorite ideas and DIYs for incorporating Baby's Breath into your event design.

Image courtesy of: Domestically Blissful

Image courtesy of: Domestically Blissful

Image courtesy of: Two Delighted

Image courtesy of: Two Delighted

Image courtesy of: 100 Layer Cake

Image courtesy of: 100 Layer Cake

Image courtesy of: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Image courtesy of: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Image courtesy of: Ruffled

Image courtesy of: Ruffled