Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Him



Struggling to find your man the perfect gift? You’re not alone! Every year Valentine’s Day approaches too quickly, and us girls have no idea what to give our hubby who seems to own everything. To help prevent further panic, we’ve come up with 10 gifts he is sure to love and appreciate!


If you’re looking to do something even more romantic than a mixtape, a great option is a star map from the night you met. The Night Sky is just one company that offers tons of different looks and customizable options that anyone would love, all from the exact date and location of your choosing. You can add the constellations, pick from different color schemes, and add a little message. Not only will your gift be super sweet, but it’ll look great hung up on the wall, too!


An adorable way to remind your guy that you’re thinking of him is a subscription box. There are tons you could treat him to! The beauty of subscription services is that you could buy him a few months worth, or you could treat him to one month of a few different ones, so he can see what works best for him! Dollar Shave Club is a great one if your guy is a little too obsessed with his beard (or doesn’t seem to care for it at all). Birchbox Man is another great idea if you want to go beyond just razors, since it features everything from cologne to skincare. Or, if you want to be super sweet, you could deliver some chocolate right to his doorstep with Candy Club!


If you’re not too sure about committing to a candy subscription box, but you don’t exactly want to settle for a cheap box of random chocolates, a great option is to hand-pick a basket of sweets that you know he’ll love! Toss in a gift card to grab that new video game he’s been talking about, too - it’s thoughtful, affordable, and his man cave will be stocked with his favorite treats.


Mixtapes are a classic Valentine’s gift, especially if your guy loves music. So why not kick it up a notch with something a little more unexpected, like a mixtape on vinyl? Freestyle Vinyl will totally personalize a record for you - they’ll even buy all the songs so you don’t have to! Impress your guy with some of his favorite songs, or make a custom mix of the ones that remind you of him with an adorable sleeve featuring the two of you!


If your guy is more into sports games than video games, a pair of tickets to his favorite sports team’s next game isn’t only easy, it’s also bound to be a fun date night for the two of you, too! Grabbing some last-minute tickets is a win-win, but it can also be expensive. If you’re trying to be more conservative with your budget this Valentine’s Day, grab him a new jersey sporting his favorite player’s name. There’s some really unique limited edition ones out there, too, like the NFL’s new Salute to Service line, that he’d definitely appreciate.


Anyone who does a lot of driving (or vacationing on the beach) needs a good pair of sunnies, but chances are your S/O doesn’t have a nice, quality pair that’s also on trend. Treat him to a new pair of sunglasses for Valentine’s Day! QUAY Australia is just one affordable brand that always has the best up and coming shades, so shop around with one of their many discount codes and pick what you’d like to see your guy in!


Everyone seems to have an Apple Watch now, but if you’re looking to treat your S/O to something a little more professional with all the same capabilities, pick him up a designer smartwatch - the Michael Kors ones are gorgeous, and usually on sale. Men will always appreciate a nice piece of jewelry, especially when it doubles as a notification center and fitness tracker.


If your guy is a big fan of the outdoors, consider picking him out a top-of-the-line YETI cooler for his summer camping trips! If you can’t justify splurging on a cooler, grab him a YETI mug to keep his coffee hot at the office, and his drinks cold at the beach!


Chances are, your S/O probably already has his own staple scent. A no-hassle gift is to stock him up on his go-to cologne! If he hasn’t found one yet, head over to Sephora, try them all, and pick for him. You could even get a small starter kit that lets him sample a handful, and offer to pick up the full size of his favorite.


If you’re looking for something completely different, Cloud9 Living has tons of deals for some of the craziest experiences out there. Treat him to something he’s always wanted to try, like indoor skydiving, or make a romantic date out of it and book a helicopter ride at sunset over your city!