Meet Jaime of Vintage Metal Co


We were lucky enough to chat with Jaime, busy mom and owner of Vintage Metal Co. to hear about her thriving business, how she keeps the balance and so much more! We love her beautiful signs and know that you will too. Be sure to check out her shop and use our code INSPIRED25 for 25% off your order!

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PI: We absolutely love your story. Where do you draw your inspiration for new designs from?

JB: When we first started the business I had the idea to have brand reps on a two month rotation so that we would get to work with new ideas at a regular pace. Having brand reps has pushed me to try new things that I didn't know possible. I also continually add custom pieces that I think other customers would love.

Every time I see a new photo from a customer or brand rep I think, “This is my favorite!”
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PI: How do you balance being a homeschooling mom, wife, and successful business woman?

JB: We have homeschooled our two children  for eight years now. I have it kind of easy in that our girls are only one grade apart. The only subject we do separately is math, and all of the other subjects we are able to do as a group, which saves us a lot of time because we aren't doing two of every single subject. We always do school first thing in the morning since it's the first priority, and my kids learn best in the morning anyway. It helps that we are all early risers! My husband and I have some family guidelines that we live by and it helps keep everything in order. We try to never ever work past 4 pm and we have dinner together as a family every night. Weekends are for fun, rest, and family. I always put work into perspective of being something that adds to our lives, but doesn't control our lives.

PI: You have such a wide variety of styles and colors in your shop! What’s your favorite piece?

JB: Oh gosh, this is a HARD question! Every time I see a new photo from a customer or brand rep I think, "This is my favorite!" Ha ha! I have several pieces up in my own house. My favorites always seem to be the special, custom pieces because I love to see them come to life.

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PI: What would be your number one piece of advice for someone looking to start their own business from the ground up?

JB: I would say to go all in! It can be scary, but it has been the biggest blessing to our family. One of the best parts are the relationships that you will build along the way. Find a mentor, and learn from someone who is willing to teach you. Join The Rising Tide Society (it's FREE!) and meet other local entrepreneurs at a Tuesdays Together monthly meeting in your area. You will learn a new aspect of business every month and it is completely free.

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What Wedding Registry is Right for You?

One big step in planning your wedding is to also plan and design your registry. While there are many useful sites out there to help you with your registry check list, it is also important to decide on which type of registry platform best suits you: Home goods, Honeymoon, or Charity Donations! 

In need of some new kitchenware or towels? One of the most common registry platforms is a home goods registry where the couple is able to create a list of items for their home (either current or future home together) that their guests can purchase. This is a great way to decorate and get those home essentials that may be out of your budget after your big day!

Image Credit:  Kitchen Ware Products

Image Credit: Kitchen Ware Products

Image Credit:  Real Simple

Image Credit: Real Simple

Another common registry platform is charity donations. If you and your significant other have a charity or two that you cherish, have your guests contribute donations instead of giving gifts! As they say, nothing gives more than the gift of giving! 

Instead of having guests bring gifts for your home, having a honeymoon registry is a great way for your guests to contribute to your travel funds! Aside from cash to fund the honeymoon, there are many options for travel gifts, such as the plane tickets, booking a dinner for the two of you, or reserving a spot in a snorkeling class or tour! Having a honeymoon registry will take the stress out of some planning, and you can focus more on your wedding day! 

Image Source:  Something Turquoise

Image Source: Something Turquoise