Host and Hostess Gifts They're Sure to Love!

It’s someone else’s turn to host the holidays this year, which is a complete relief for you but a total addition to their plate. That’s why we are huge fans of bringing a host or hostess gift whenever we aren’t the ones having everyone over. Hosting gifts can be tricky though, no one wants to give or receive something that’s never going to be used or is going to be gone by the end of the night.

One of the most fun hostess gifts we like to bring is our DIY pumpkin floral arrangement! It’s fun and festive and totally customizable. If you’re not as hands on, here are some of our other favorites:

  • Hand and Body Scrubs

  • Festive Cloth Napkins

  • Gift Baskets

  • Potted Plants

  • Charcuterie Boards

  • Candles

  • Homemade Potpourri

  • Potted Herbs for an Indoor Herb Garden

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The Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party Guide

Break out your fascinators, it’s the Kentucky Derby! The over-the-top event creates the perfect party atmosphere for men and women alike - it’s one of the biggest sports and fashion events of the year. We’re here to break down the basics to throwing the perfect Derby party!


Image Source:  Ashlynn Eliff Designs

Image Source: Ashlynn Eliff Designs

Your party impression starts with your invitations, especially for such a formal event. Make sure you really nail the Derby aesthetic with those invites! Etsy has a ton of adorable print-off downloads you can buy on any budget. We love this set in particular - the roses are the perfect Derby touch. If you’re looking for something feminine with a soft charm, these invites from Ashlynn Eliff Designs are gorgeous. Be sure to let your guests know your dress attire expectations in your invite, too. Fascinators are a classic Derby party staple, but you don’t have to have a formal event if that’s not your style!


Image Source:  Tea Time Magazine

Image Source: Tea Time Magazine

Don’t feel pressured to go all out with extravagant meals for your guests. This party is about the overall experience (and the endless Mint Juleps!) so focus on that instead of a sit-down meal. Serve up tons of Southern comfort food to keep with the Derby feel, but do it through fun and unique appetizers. Try making horseshoe finger sandwiches as a nod to the theme! The Kentucky Derby official site has a ton of recipes you can follow if you’re not sure where to start, too. We’re drooling over the Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn, which would be the perfect favor for your guests!


Image Source:  Pizzazzerie

Image Source: Pizzazzerie

This one’s a given: it wouldn’t be a Kentucky Derby party without some old fashioned Mint Juleps. Highlight this as your signature drink with a Mint Julep bar!

Or just serve up some of the classic drink in some shabby chic mason jars, complete with paper straws. If you want to add a little variety to the classic Derby drink, experiment with some fun infused flavors, like this gorgeous Lavender Mint Julep!


It wouldn’t be “The Run for the Roses” without flowers, so don’t be shy with your florals! Whether they’re fake or fresh, decorate with tons of roses in various springtime tones to really capture that Derby feel. Accessorize with charming touches like mason jars, gold accents, and some greenery to pull everything together.

Image Source:  Evite

Image Source: Evite


Image Source:  Little Legel Designs

Image Source: Little Legel Designs

The main race is only two minutes, so make sure you have plenty to keep your guests entertained! Start the party off well before the race starts so you have time to mingle and get in the spirit. Set up some trivia for your guests with these fun print-offs from Etsy, or take the party outside with a game of horseshoes! Don’t forget betting games, either - it’s part of the excitement!


How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Home Away from Home

Image Source: Bower Power Blog

Image Source: Bower Power Blog

We love having friends and family come to visit. Whether they’re traveling from near or far, it’s important to have a nice, comfortable space for them to stay. Guest rooms are one of the sometimes overlooked areas of the home. Luckily, there are a few small tweaks you can make to yours to make it nice and home-y for your guests! And even better, these simple changes won’t break the bank and are perfect for the everyday girl budget.

Match Your Home Aesthetic

You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re being shipped off to a dull, empty space. Try to keep the aesthetic of the home carried through the guest room too. Whether you have a light and bright look or pops of color, find even little ways to incorporate this same feeling into the space.

Image Source: Domino

Image Source: Domino

Leave out Towels

Many people don’t think to lay out some towels for guests. Obviously, they can easily ask, but by providing them upon arrival, you avoid the hassle. This is also convenient for if they tend to shower either late at night or early in the morning when you may not be awake. Along the same lines, make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with shower supplies and toilet paper!

Provide Extra Pillows and Blankets

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the amount of pillows and blankets they use at night. Or maybe your home runs cooler than theirs, so taking the time to provide these extra comforts can go a long way!

Space to Unpack

Depending on how long a stay your guests have, they may want to unpack their bags. Whether it’s a simple dresser or some hangers in the closet, make sure there’s somewhere for your guests to put their clothes if they so choose.

Image Source: Paper Tigress Prints

Image Source: Paper Tigress Prints

What’s the Wifi?

In our technological era, one of the first questions people seem to ask is “what’s your wifi password?” We love the idea of leaving a cute little framed note with the login info for your guests to use. That way, if they have multiple devices, they don’t need to repeatedly ask you for the password.

A Hidden Oasis

Sometimes your guests may want a little space and break from the togetherness of your visit. The guest room should be a hidden oasis where your guests can escape to take a breather. If you have the space, try to make this a separate living space for them to go relax. Some comfy chairs, maybe a TV or filled bookcase, can go a long way.