Create A Bright and Beautiful Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are magical with the glorious sunshine and beautiful weather. Incorporating touches of color with flowers and fruit adds even more vibrancy to your wedding! We put together an inspiration board to help give you some new ideas on how to add some more flare to your special day. It’s filled with some of our favorite bouquets, decorations, cakes and more for this summer season. We love the look of starting off with neutral base colors and then adding a splash of bright color on top to create a beautiful contrast. By having neutral colors in addition to the bright ones, the pieces aren’t too distracting and come together to make the perfect summer wedding!  

Trending Now: Groom Cakes



Most of the time, the bride tends to have the heavier hand in the wedding planning process. This can often times leave the groom without a say or his taste really showing through. That's why we love the trend of having a groom cake at your wedding! A groom cake is a smaller cake you serve along side your traditional wedding cake that is designed by the groom himself. This cake can reflect his style or personality in a theme of his choosing! Looking for inspiration for your groom cake? Check out some of our favorites below.

Office Holiday Party Outfit Guide & Inspiration

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Every year we are obligated to go to an office holiday party, and every year we have difficulty deciding what to wear. This season, we’ve created a guide with inspiration to help you choose an appropriate and stylish outfit!

casual dress code

If your daily work attire is casual, you can expect a casual dress code for your office party! Pair jeans with a cute sweater or flannel shirt. Tuck a simple shirt into a fun colored or patterned skirt, or wear a stylish wool coat! Use bright colors and jewel tones to your advantage to make your casual clothes fashionable!

business casual & semi formal dress code

Business casual & semi formal attire ranges from pants to dresses. Pair cropped pants or formal joggers with a bright heel. Wear a flirty dress or skirt, or be bold and try out a jumpsuit! Add a little sparkle to a structured outfit for some holiday spirit!

formal dress code

A formal dress code is the green light to be as fancy as you desire! Where pants are not quite acceptable at a formal party, you can wear a fashionable jumpsuit! Find one that is tailored and monochrome. Skirts should be full, textured, or colorful, and dresses should be knee-length or longer. Since it is a holiday party, your dress should stand out, whether with appliques, color, or silhouette!

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

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There are endless ways to capture winter and the holidays on your big day. To help you get inspired for your winter wedding, we’ve come up with a variety of winter themed wedding details! This season is all about greenery, dark red accents, and whimsical decor. So, if your wedding is Christmas themed, play up the green and red color palette. If it’s a winter wonderland theme, add more lights and faux snow elements! There is no shortage of winter elements to brighten your special day!

Finding Your Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Image Source: Chic Vintage Brides

Image Source: Chic Vintage Brides

No one gets excited about their Thanksgiving outfit. It’s a holiday with a bland color palette (browns, dull oranges and yellows), and the dress code is anywhere from casual to formal. This year, we decided to help you find the perfect Thanksgiving outfit inspiration from jeans to dresses in all colors! You will definitely be excited to show off your OOTD to your family and friends.

For A Casual Dinner

For A Semi-Formal Dinner

For A Formal Dinner

Flowers in Your Hair Inspiration Board


If you are as obsessed with flowers as we are, you’ll want to incorporate them in every way possible for your wedding. Your bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and arrangements for your ceremony comprise of flowers, but there’s one more place to add a floral touch--your hair! Whether it’s just a few flowers and leaves, or a full flower crown, your hair will look undoubtedly gorgeous all day long. Use flowers consistent in all floral arrangements to tie together your color theme and personal style. Also, be sure to choose flowers with sturdy stems so they stay in place. If your budget is constricted, opt for synthetic floral clips; they look just as beautiful!

For this inspiration board, we highlighted florals and colors of the fall season: sunflowers, hydrangeas, anemone, calla lily, and red, orange, and yellow (purple and blue accent), colors.

Spring Inspiration Board

Spring is in the air and we couldn’t be more excited to put those cold winter days behind us! We’re celebrating with fun, pastel colors and florals galore. This spring, the natural makeup look is back with subtle shadows and no more overdrawn lips or brows. For everyday fashion, everything is flirty and off-the-shoulder. Florals are being incorporated everywhere, between hairstyles, patterns on skirts, and even signage and favors for your big day!We are seriously loving these style trends heading into warmer weather!

Literary Inspiration

Calling all bookworms, March is National Reading Month! To celebrate we have gathered book and literature-inspired images to help start taking your ideas from the page to reality! From Shakespeare to Great Gatsby your favorite book can be a great place of inspiration. So if you're a bookworm like us, we know that you will love the idea of adding literary charm to your wedding day celebrations. 

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

What better way to celebrate saying “I do” and bonding the love between two soulmates than having a Valentine’s Day inspired wedding? In the love-filled month of February, your wedding day will shine as a romantic occasion by highlighting the iconic Valentine’s Day colors of red and pink, beautifully bloomed roses, and a classic candle-lit atmosphere.

In addition to the popular red and pink color palette, nothing describes “classic romance” more than lace and pearls, deep reds with hints of gold, and bow & arrow décor scattered throughout the venue. Let your guests feel and indulge in the romantic atmosphere with their own candle lit dinners at the reception and enjoy a fun and classy background of roses for photographs. To end the perfect night, share a toast with your guests with glasses filled with gold-flaked champagne. Spread the love, while celebrating your own love with that special someone on this intimate day!

The Ocean Blue: Literary Color Inspiration Board

We just finished reading this elegantly rendered and heart-wrenching story. Now that we have finally stopped crying, we are inspired by the romance that takes place in an equally beautiful and desolate location.

The color palette of the ocean is understated and elegant, a great design approach for a wedding. Finding the balance between the harsh and soft, the masculine and feminine, is how to successfully design an elegant affair.

So we hope you are inspired by this new twist on nautical!


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
— Jacques Cousteau

Oh Joy!

Registry alert! Blogger Joy Cho has released her Oh Joy collection for Target and we want it all! Her spring 2017 line is everything you want spring to be and its a great way to keep cheery during these winter months! Bold graphic designs bring a fun element to your home's design. Burst of vibrant colors down to a OMG vase, this collection is a must have.

Holiday Decor Inspiration

Decorating for the holidays can be tricky, finding the right balance and aesthetic and the pieces to tie it all together. Today, we’re going to breakdown a holiday set up so that you can replicate it at home! We love how these built-ins are styled: a mix of classic and whimsy!

The best part? We’ve found most of these pieces, or something similar, at great prices that are perfect for the everyday budget! Happy decorating!

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

Photo Credit:  Darren Roberts  

Photo Credit: Darren Roberts 

Baby it's cold outside! As the last leaves fall here in New England, Fall fades away and Winter is right around the corner. 

If you close your eyes and think of snow capped mountains when you think about your wedding day, than nothing is more romantic than a winter wedding.  Your surroundings covered in a blanket of snow, snuggling up by a fire and kissing under the mistletoe!

Whether you're planning a holiday-themed event filled with spruce pine, hot chocolate and wool wraps, or a winter wonderland gathering with frost covered details and sparkles, this season is bountiful with inspiration.

Get in the mood with our top picks for winter inspiration including colors, dresses, flowers and other fun winter ideas. 



With fall in full swing, we can’t help but swoon over these rich color palettes and festive décor! Planning a fall wedding or event? Here’s some of our favorite fall inspiration.