Up Your Makeup Game with These Essential Tools

Image Source: @queenlashesofficial

Image Source: @queenlashesofficial

They say a craftsman is as good as his tools, and the same goes for makeup! It’s remarkable how much your makeup skills can improve by using the right brushes. Here’s how to differentiate between different brushes and our picks for essentials!

Let’s start with foundation.

Synthetic Buffing Brush

A brush like this can help create an airbrushed finish to your foundation. Aim to get a brush that is dense and fluffy, and synthetic so it won’t soak up all of your foundation!

Beauty Sponge

Using a damp sponge to apply your foundation will leave you looking flawless! Blending is so seamless and the pointed end helps get the under eye perfectly.

Moving onto face powders.

Setting Brush

A tapered fluffy brush like this is perfect for setting the under eyes and rest of the face!


Contour and Blush Brush

An firm angled brush like this gives you a precise contour and can also be used for blush.


When it comes to highlighting you can either choose a wide fan brush or a small domed brush. It comes down to personal preference, but in the end either brush will leave you glowing!


Fluffy Crease Brush

A fluffy tapered brush is the secret to blending! One like this is the perfect size to seamlessly blend the crease.


Detail Brush

This slim brush can be used in the crease to get more precision and detail.


Shader Brush

This dense brush is perfect for packing shadow on the lids.


Highlighting Brush

A small precise brush like this is perfect for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone.

Finally, the brows and lips.

Eyebrow Brush

This dense brush helps fill in the eyebrows with ease, plus it has a spoolie on the end to help blend in the product!


Concealer Brush

This synthetic concealer brush helps carve out the brows and correct any mistakes!


Lip Brush

This pointed lip brush helps create a precise application that most applicators cannot get!

DIY Brush Pad and Soap Cleaner


Before we begin to embrace the colorful leaves falling, pumpkin spice everything, and curling up in your favorite sweater, we unfortunately have to let go of summer. A good way to start off the new season is with some clean brushes! This is our secret tip on how to clean your makeup brushes quick and without having to purchase expensive soap or a brush pad.

image source: five two beauty

image source: five two beauty

A DIY brush pad is so simple, all you need is a flat and plastic surface and some hot glue. You can use a clean lid to a container, a plastic plate, plastic cutting board, or even a plastic clip board! Once you have the item of your choice ready you can use the hot glue to create different patterns across the plate. We recommend doing some various sized dots, chevrons, straight lines, and a grid pattern. Once the glue is dry it's all good to use!

image source: makeup tutorials

image source: makeup tutorials

Now that you have your own DIY makeup brush pad, why not make some DIY brush soap too? All you need to do is pour two parts antibacterial dish soap with one part extra-virgin olive oil into a small glass/plastic dish. Next, you simply dampen your brush with lukewarm water, dip it into the soap, and swirl it around on the various patterns on your pad. Once the brush is clean you can gently rinse the excess soap out with lukewarm water and place the brushes slanted with the bristles down on a paper towel to dry. And voila! Your brushes are clean and ready for whatever makeup look you’re ready to tackle next!