Get Moving: Endorphins Make You Happy!

Fitness. It has such a variety of meanings. What fitness looks like for one person can be completely different from what it looks like for another. To us, fitness looks like whatever you feel is best and healthiest for your own body. It’s not something you torture yourself with to lose weight or to impress someone else. It’s something you do that makes you feel good and happy! We love getting our heart rates up and just feeling our bodies move. There really is something to be said about that release of endorphins, which is why it’s on our list of 2019 resolutions to try and get our bodies moving more. Like we said, we’re all about feeling good and being happy when it comes to fitness. We’re not looking for anything that makes us miserable, we want it to be fun! With that in mind, we researched some fun, new ways to get yourself moving this year.

Image Source: @swervefitness

Image Source: @swervefitness

SWERVE Fitness

Usually we don’t do location specific things, but this seemed too cool to pass up. SWERVE is a spinning class but way more fun. You’re teamed up into three groups. These three groups, red, blue, and green, are essentially “competing” for the best score. It’s a great way to push yourself to do your best but in a semi-anonymous way where you’re only seen as a team total versus an individual total. Your personal results and stats are emailed to you after the class, so no one has to know. We love the idea of a little friendly competition and think this sounds like such a fun way to really get your sweat on!


Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior or similar shows and wondered what it would be like to try some of the things you see participants attempting? There are so many gyms all around the country where you can do just that! This is such a fun and unique way to get your body moving, seriously, sign us up!

Image Source: @rosegracejones

Image Source: @rosegracejones

Hiking Yoga

Yoga and nature just seem to be a perfect match. Hiking yoga is a great way to blend the two together! These types of classes take you out of the studio and into nature, where you can breathe in the fresh air, have an added challenge of uneven ground, and just really focus on disconnecting and becoming one with nature. We think this is such a great way to see some new, beautiful places while also getting some great exercise. Yoga isn’t for the faint of heart! We love how deceivingly tricky it can be and how much energy and strength it truly entails. There’s really nothing like yoga to help you find your inner peace and strength.


Circus classes include things like trapeze, fabric, rope, lyra, aerial, and more. These are another example of a shocking amount of strength and endurance, but so much fun and definitely not an experience most people have had! They’re a great option for someone looking for something a little different and creative that brings that little kid inside to life.

Rock Climbing

Image Source: @kacia.fitzgerald

Image Source: @kacia.fitzgerald

Have you noticed a theme yet? We weren’t kidding about out of the box methods of getting your body moving this year! Rock climbing is another really fun way to get out there. There are great rock gyms all over with indoor walls for you to try. Grab a friend and take a class so you can learn the basics, and then just have some fun! There are levels from beginner way up to advanced. Not only will you have fun trying to climb whatever wall you’re on, but it’s also so fun to watch some of the more advanced climbers do their thing. You’ll be in awe!

Rebounding (Trampolines)

This is something that is much more up and coming than a lot of other options on the list. Honestly, how can jumping on a trampoline not bring you back to childhood? It makes us giddy just thinking about it! Seriously, you’ll laugh your way through this one and get a good sweat while you’re at it, too.

Whatever you choose to do to get your body moving this year, just remember that you’re doing it for fun and endorphins! Healthy looks different on everyone. You’re not here to lose weight, you’re just here to have a good time.