Keep Your Home Decor Aesthetic While Still Incorporating Those Seasonal Feels!

It’s that time of year where everyone is decorating for fall, and soon enough, winter and Christmas too! It can be such a heavy lift to completely swap out all your decor for each seasonal change. Not to mention, the feel of your house totally changes too! That’s why we’re huge fans of incorporating seasonal decor that already matches your home aesthetic and design. What’s that entail? Glad you asked! Today we’re going to look at a few different factors: color palette, accessories, and scent.

Color Palette

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to completely change your color palette for the season! Not everyone wants bright reds, oranges, and yellows in their home for the fall season. We can totally relate. That’s why we’re all about finding pieces and subtle changes that bring the spirit of the season into the space without compromising your personal style.


Accessories are the best way to accomplish your subtle changes for the season. Try swapping out your usual throw pillows for something more seasonal. This doesn’t have to be something big and bold like a throw pillow with a huge pumpkin on it. We love plaid and cable knit pillows for someone looking for a cozy fall feel. Cable knit pillows are especially great as they can easily transition into winter too! Adding a couple of extra beautiful throw blankets is also a great option to cozy up your home for the cooler seasons. They add texture, color, and snuggly warm when needed. Dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins are some of our other favorite accessories to add a nice subtle pop of fall. They can go with almost any decor color palette and are quick and easy changes to make!


Scent is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room without even changing anything! Fall scented candles and wax melts instantly give you that warm, cozy fall feeling without even lifting a finger on your decor. Same with balsam and the like for the winter season. If you do choose to change up your decor, changing up your scent really adds that extra touch to finish off your seasonal wonderland!

Spring to Summer Wardrobe Transition

Didn’t have time to complete your spring cleaning of your wardrobe? No problem! Going into the summer season, you’d be surprised at how many new outfits you can create with your clothes from prior seasons! 

With spring’s cool breezes, you probably still have a few lightweight sweaters hanging around in your closet. Store away any heavy material sweaters (wool & tweed), and keep some light cotton sweaters for those chilly summer nights. 

Keep an eye out for trends in fashion for the summer. You never know what articles of clothing you already own that you can transition into a trendy summer outfit!


Spring and summer share a similar color palette (pinks, yellows, blues, etc.). By already owning solid t-shirts or pants that share the same color palette, it’s very easy to create new outfits!

Keep your light-weight scarves in your closet to spruce up a dress, or wear statement necklaces with a new summer outfit. Just like clothes, you can wear accessories that you already own with new outfits, or to jazz up a basic t-shirt or tunic!