Easy Seasonal Décor Changes

With every season that passes us by outside, it’s always fun to bring the seasons inside too; however, buying all new decorations and furniture to accommodate every season can get a bit pricey! Here are some easy décor changes to match any season!

image source: home bnc

image source: home bnc

Having a simple centerpiece filled with seasonal décor is a great way to bring the weather inside! Whether it be a bowl of seashells and bright fruit for summer, or autumn leaves and pumpkins for fall, it will be easy to save money during every season!

image source: society6

image source: society6

image source: little dekonings

image source: little dekonings

Another easy décor change is changing out the colors of your décor, such as with curtains and throw pillows. You and your guests will feel warm and cozy in the colder months with darker colors such as reds and browns, and cool and fresh in the summer months with light colors such as blues and whites!

image source: moms spark

image source: moms spark

image source: seasonal bounty

image source: seasonal bounty

Spend little to nothing by bringing nature inside your home! Whether it be a fresh vase of tulips in the spring, or frosted pine cones in the winter, it is the easiest and more affordable way to transform your house as the seasons change!

In Season Flowers

Time to stop and smell the roses! Nothing brightens up your wedding day like fresh-cut bouquets, and we’ve found our favorite flowers for each season!


Warm up your winter wedding day with deep shades of red along with crisp white blossoms. With the romantic atmosphere surrounding a winter wedding, red roses are the perfect flower for your bouquet; however, it is also common to see white orchids and carnations among the mix as well.

The perfect season for freshly bloomed flowers! Think lilacs, pale pinks, and soft whites as you head into picking out your bouquet for your springtime wedding. Peonies are one of our favorite spring blooms as well as tulips, hydrangeas, and lilacs!


It’s time to get that pop of color into your sunny summer day! For summer weddings, it’s great to have bright and fun flowers surrounding your day! From multicolored poppies to bright sunflowers, your options on colors are endless.

To compliment fall’s natural foliage, there’s a variety of flowers to choose from for your autumn wedding day. From oranges to deep purples, the possibilities are endless! Try different autumn-inspired shades of lilies as well as some fun bi-colored roses!

Pros and Cons for Each Season

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is of course setting a date! Do you want to get married surrounded by a soft sheet of snow, or maybe sinking your toes in the sand on the beach? Whichever season you’re leaning towards to celebrate your big day, be sure to know some pros and cons of each.


  • Romantic

There’s nothing more romantic than a cozy atmosphere surrounded by a fresh sheet of snow, a fireplace, and your loved ones in the winter months!

  • Discounts

Since winter is considered the slow season for weddings, you have a better chance of finding discounts on venues!

  • Comfort foods

You get to have all the fun in creating your menu filled with comfort foods to keep your guests toasty warm!


  • Weather

With winter comes snow, and unpredictable snow storms could prevent guests from being able to attend.

  •  Holidays

People are saving money for the countless winter holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and Valentine’s Day.


  • Natural Beauty

Flowers are blooming, trees are slowing getting back their greenery. Have fun matching your wedding colors with the natural colors of spring surrounding you!

  • Weather warming up

 Everyone loves when the weather starts to warm up, especially after a chilly winter season! It’s a great time to have an outdoor ceremony where guests won’t be too hot or too cold!


  • Peak Wedding Season

Spring time is a very popular season to get married. Venues may be booked, and it is hard to compete with others for that prime wedding date!

  • Allergies

 Spring is the peak season for allergies, which means itchy eyes and runny noses!

  • Rainy Season

 If you decided upon an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that April showers bring May flowers… and could potentially wash out your venue.


  • Option of an outdoor wedding

Long days, longer sunlight, and warm nights call for great outdoor weddings for you and your guests to enjoy!

  •  Themes are endless

Garden theme, rustic theme, beach theme, you name it, you got it! Aside from a wintery wedding, the themes that you can pull off are endless!


  • Heat

Although we can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive, there’s always the risk of getting married on the same day the weather is in the 90s. Be prepared to offer some shade for your guests!

  • Vacation Season

Another risk is having your wedding weekend land right in the middle of someone else’s vacation week. Summer is a very popular time for families to take vacations!


  • Reliable weather

Just like spring, the weather is not too hot and not too cold!

  • Foliage

Use nature to your advantage with decorations! Fall is the perfect season to save money in the decoration department since the foliage is as beautiful as it comes!


  • Tight finances

People are starting to save money for the upcoming holidays in the winter season, which means they are more likely to have a tight budget (and you also might be tight on your budget for the same reason)!

3 weddings, 3 outfits

With wedding season in full swing, it can be hard to figure out the perfect outfit for different venues. No fear, PV is breaking down some of our favorite outfits for a variety of weddings!

As the wedding is outdoors, be aware of anything too dark or too tight… you could end up with visible sweat marks if it’s a hot day! Stick to looser, more comfortable, breathable fabrics. Look for bright, summer-y cocktail dresses that you can accent with a statement piece necklace and a great wedge sandal!

Like the backyard wedding, be careful of wearing anything too dark or too tight for a beach wedding! Additionally, avoid anything too short (and loose) that may get caught up in the sea breeze. Embrace the setting and play with those gorgeous blues and greens, solids and patterns are both fine! For a more formal beach wedding, look for a fun maxi dress. For a more casual event, a shorter dress that falls around the knee will look great! Pair with some dressy sandals and a fresh pedi, and you’re ready to go.

A night wedding, whether it be at a country club or similar venue, will come with a more formal dress code. It’s time to break out the floor-length evening gown! Stick to a classy, timeless look with an elegant gown, plain pumps, and simple jewelry to finish off your look. Prefer a shorter dress? No problem – we’ve got you covered there too.