Girl Boss Life: Our Tricks to Help You Get on Top and Stay There!

Image Source: Steal the Look

Image Source: Steal the Look

Being a Girl Boss isn’t easy -- we get it! Whether your passion project is your full time gig or just a side hustle at the moment, we all want to be successful in our ventures. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track and find that path to success. While everyone operates differently and has different tricks of the trade, today we’re sharing our six keys to lead to being a successful Girl Boss and staying on top!

Image Source: Anna with Love

Image Source: Anna with Love

Be Passionate About Your Work

What’s your dream job? If you’re a Girl Boss, the answer should be what you’re doing! In order to keep up with the demand of running a business, being a hustler, and starting from the ground up, you need to truly love what you’re doing. This business should be your passion project, your baby. Chances are you’ll need to eat, sleep, and breath your work to achieve your goals. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

Stick to Your Guns: Set Your Mission Statement and Stick with it

As humans, we tend to have a variety of interests. Don’t get lost in trying to expand your brand to cover too many things too quickly. What’s your mission statement? What “pain points” are you trying to relieve for your reader? Write them all down and stick to them! It’s easy to start a snowball and trend away from your mission. Set a reminder to check in with yourself every so often to make sure you’re staying true to your brand and staying on track. A cohesive brand that readers can easily understand will go much farther than one all over the place and hard to identify!

Image Source: @glitterinclexi

Image Source: @glitterinclexi

Organize! Organize! Organize!

Regardless of whether you’re a Type A or a Type B personality, organization is key when running a business. You need to have your stuff together. Pick a system that works for you and stick with it! Operations will run significantly smoother if everything is organized and has a place. This makes it so that you can easily reference back to things if need be and everyone involved can easily understand all necessary aspects of the business. We’re HUGE fans of organization and love color coding, labeling, and having our various checklists/to-do lists. Keeping things organized creates a streamlined system where everyone know what they’re responsible for, what others are responsible for, deadlines, and where to find things!

Set Attainable Goals

Goal setting. Some people aren’t as motivated by goals as others are. Even if you’re one of the former, it’s still really important to set those goals! At the end of each calendar year, we sit down as a team to come up with our list of quantitative and qualitative goals for the upcoming year. We have people tracking our progress on these goals weekly, monthly, and quarterly. As a team, we review quarterly to make sure we’re on track and adjust accordingly. Your goals don’t have to be set in stone, they can be fluid. If your business is growing more rapidly than you expected, bump those goals up, girl! If things are moving more slowly than you predicted, maybe adjust in the opposite direction. Set your goals and push to not just meet, but crush them!

Image Source: Michael Kors

Image Source: Michael Kors

Hustle like it’s Your Job

It won’t work if you don’t. Running a business is no joke! When you first start out, you’re putting in crazy hours and working non-stop to get things off the ground and keep up with everything. Yes, once you’re established, it’s the healthy move to start to back down a bit and take a breather… but don’t step back too much. In such a fast-paced world, you need to always be on top of your game (or have people working for you who are on top of their game!) to stay successful. You’ll always regret the things you didn’t get done.

Personal Development

Pushing yourself to be a better human and businesswoman is a huge piece of the puzzle! Commit to reading some personal development each and every day. Even if you take 5 minutes first thing before you get out of bed or at the end of the day before you fall asleep. Opt for an audiobook you can listen to while driving to work or working out! Choose books that resonate with you and you see as elevating yourself or your business. Looking to gain some skills to add to your repertoire? We’re sure there’s a book to help you get there! We’re also huge fans of webinars and online trainings. Check out top influencers in your field, or just influencers you admire to see if they have any free (or inexpensive) trainings that can learn from!

Meet Kristen of Charleston Candle Co.


Have you ever had such a passion for something that you feel inclined to start a business to honor it? Meet Kristen, owner of Charleston Candle Co. We caught up with Kristen to hear all about her love for Charleston, what led to her decision to create a candle line to honor her city, and her number one tip for anyone thinking of starting their own business. Be sure to check out her shop and follow her on Instagram!

PI: We love that you find inspiration for your scents from Charleston landmarks! What drew you to the city and the idea of creating scents based off of its landmarks?


KS: I moved to Charleston in 2013 after my husband and I got married – he was still attending school which was the practical reason for living here, but we both knew we wanted to stay in Charleston.  There is so much history here and always something to do.  I love how each part of Charleston has its own unique identity.

PI: Have you ever thought about starting another candle collection inspired by another city?

KS: I have briefly thought about collections based on other cities, but I’m not sure I could really do another city justice since I have such a passion for Charleston.  We are definitely working on more collections that aren’t necessarily Charleston-specific, but will still be southern inspired.

PI: What’s your favorite scent?


KS: My favorite scent overall is “The Gold Bug” candle from our Fall Collection.  It has such a unique and pretty scent that I really could have burning all year long.  From our signature scents, it’s hard to pick a favorite – but I really love “Sweetgrass Basket” and “Sunday Brunch Mimosa”.  They both have fresh, vibrant smells that always remind me of being downtown on the weekend.

PI: What made you want to venture into the candle business?

KS: I started making candles for fun, but when I thought of pairing candle scents to different places and ideas from Charleston, I thought others might love a fun reminder of their time here too.  Candles are one of those things that you can never have too many of – and always provide a relaxing and calming presence to any space.  I love that our candles go a step further and help our customers relive special memories from Charleston.


PI:  What tips do you have for someone looking to start their own business?

KS: So many people have amazing ideas for a new product or service, but in an “Etsy World” it’s easy to get lost among the thousands of other new businesses that are always popping up.  What makes your product or idea special?  Figure out your motivation behind what you’re selling, because that is what customers are going to buy into before they commit to purchasing a product or service from you.


We’re so excited to share one of Kristen’s deliciously scented Christmas candles. Head over to Instagram for your chance to win!


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