Be on Top of the Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2018

Weather’s warming up and jewelry is starting to really shine. As we’re pulling out all our sparkly goodies, we’re looking to see what trends are hot this year. We’re seeing a lot of new trends that we weren’t totally expecting. Check out the 2018 jewelry trends that are really taking off this season and some of our favorite picks for each!

Statement Hoops

There are a whole bunch of trends in the earring department this season, but we’re loving the statement hoop look! This really gives you an opportunity to show your style with some color and funk.

Translucent Jewelry

A more interesting look, translucent jewelry is making a charge this season. This is certainly for the bold, and perfect if you’re really looking to stand out!

Super Long Earrings

We’re seeing some crazy long earrings this year! Chunky, skinny, metal, bright colors… you name it, if it’s long, rock it! While we have slight anxiety about these getting caught on things (yikes!), we really like the look, so keep that in mind when you rock these bad boys.

Pinky Rings

Give us all the rings! We’re loving pinky rings this year. You’ve already got your midi rings and now we’re adding extra bling to the pinkies. Keep it subtle or really make a statement with some serious bling. The choice is yours!

Flower Earrings

We’re all about flower power, so we’re definitely on the flower earring train! This whimsical trend really ties in with the warmer weather and has a lot of versatility and variety within it. You can go subtle with smaller flowers and muted tones, or really go bright and bold depending on your style.

Sea Jewelry

Moving into summer, this trend is perfect. Incorporate the ocean and beach into your everyday look. We love seeing shells incorporated for that nautical feel. It just has us daydreaming of beach days all week long!

Mismatched Earrings

Let’s be honest -- not 100% sure if we’re completely on board with this one, but it’s certainly making its mark. We can dig some of the more subtle mismatching, whether it be a slight variation in length or design, but wouldn’t recommend grabbing one half of two completely different pairs of earrings for this look.


How fun! These aren’t your average brooches from Grandma’s house. The brooch trend is coming back with a vengeance and new, youthful designs are popping up all around. We love the idea of adding some bling to your clothes in addition to your jewelry!

Pendant Necklaces

Who doesn’t love a good pendant necklace? This is one of those statement pieces we think everyone should have. Definitely on the list to add to your collection this season if you don’t already have a favorite because we don’t see this one leaving anytime soon!

Sparkle Is Always an Option

Image Source:  The Knot

Image Source: The Knot

Your wedding checklist is starting to shrink and your day is fast approaching. Exciting! Now it’s time to think about the details of your outfit. We know how powerful feeling confident in an outfit can be and of all days your wedding day is a day to shine!

Read below for our breakdown of what you may want to add to your style. So many rules and guidelines out there, the one rule we say you should follow, be true what makes you feel beautiful!


Deciding on how to embellish your décolletage can be the hardest decision as it will be at the forefront of your look. We advise you to look to your dress and how your neckline is designed.

If you are going strapless, you will want to height and balance by wearing a necklace that is shorter and lays just below your collarbone. In terms of style, there are so many options out there, we think the necklace is the perfect place to add a bit of your own personal style. Go bohemian with a shoulder necklace, keep it classic with a simple pendant or go bold with a statement piece. 

Image Source:  Wedding Party App

Image Source: Wedding Party App

Image Source:  Blair Nadeau Millinery

Image Source: Blair Nadeau Millinery

Image Source:  Mon Cheri Bridal

Image Source: Mon Cheri Bridal


The biggest deciding factor on choosing earrings is how you will wear your hair that day. If you are going with a swept up style, all your hair off your shoulders, you can go with a statement earrings to add to the glitz factor or you can keep it simple by wearing classic studs. A place to play up your personal style is to incorporate colored gems to add some warmth and flare.

Image Source:  Belle The Magazine

Image Source: Belle The Magazine

Image Source:  Amy O Bridal

Image Source: Amy O Bridal

Image Source: Wedding Wire

Image Source: Wedding Wire


We suggest you consider adding a bracelet after you have decided on a necklace and earrings. A bracelet is a great way to add a style pop to a simple dress and or add more bling when needed (which is pretty much always!). The one thing to really consider when choosing a bracelet is thinking about whether the bracelet will catch on the fabric of your dress, you don’t want to create snags in the fabric.

Image Source:  Style Me Pretty

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Image Source:  Amy O Bridal

Image Source: Amy O Bridal

Cozy Up Your Home This Winter with These Easy Tips and Tricks

All this winter weather has us wanting to snuggle up and never leave the couch! Whether you’re a homebody or not, winter is the season to make sure your home feels nice and cozy for both your enjoyment and any guests you may be hosting. Take these few easy tips and tricks into consideration to help you add a little extra cozy to your home!

Image Source: Comfortably Awkward

Image Source: Comfortably Awkward


There’s just something about burning candles that makes a room feel extra cozy. Whether it be the warm, flickering flame or the yummy scent, there is an undeniable ambiance in candles! If you are unable or prefer not to actually burn candles, there are some beautiful and convincing LED candles available for purchase at home and craft stores.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting is just that -- warm! Opt for warm white bulbs versus cool white. Depending on the room and your style, add some fairy or icicle lights and omit traditional lighting all together. This will really make a space feel more cozy and intimate.

Image Source: Pottery Barn

Image Source: Pottery Barn

Textured Blankets

We love blankets, and the cold winter is the perfect time to showcase them! Choose a mixture of textures and neutral colors to add more depth to the space. Add in some decorative throw pillows and you have an irresistible place to snuggle up for an afternoon nap.

Fuzzy Rug

Give your toes something cozy too! A nice, thick, fuzzy rug creates an inviting space and screams cozy. Pick a nice neutral that will match the rest of your room and easily transition between any style or design changes you make.

Roaring Fire

Image Source: Now, Forager

Image Source: Now, Forager

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up next to a warm fire. The crackling heat is the best. Snuggled up on the couch under your blanket and watching a movie by the light of the fire? Yes please! No fireplace? Throw on a virtual fire with the Netflix stream! Still get the look and the sound, just no heat.

Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is the perfect beverage for a cold winter night. Have you tried the Chai Hot Chocolate recipe we shared last month? It’s to die for! Make up a batch to please the whole crowd. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Book Nook

Snuggle up in your designated reading corner. We love the idea of having a quaint book nook in our home. Filled with pillows and textured blankets, you may end up falling asleep instead of reading, but it will certainly be cozy!

Image Source: Hello Glow

Image Source: Hello Glow

Fresh Warm Cookies

Who doesn’t love a batch of freshly baked cookies?! Or, step up your game and make a skillet cookie to share with the group. Either way, the warm gooey cookies combined with their heavenly aroma adds another level of coziness and hominess to your place.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you heard of all the health benefits provided by a Himalayan salt lamp? They work to add negative ions into the air, purifying it and removing toxins. This calms asthma and allergy symptoms, increase levels of serotonin in the brain, boost blood flow and improve sleep. Bonus: it gives off a beautiful warm light!

Classical or Jazz Music

Set the mood with some smooth jazz or soft classical music. There’s something soothing about these two styles of music that just increasing our relaxation and makes us feel warm inside. Use that to your advantage to add the final touch onto your cozy oasis!

Finding Your Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Image Source: Chic Vintage Brides

Image Source: Chic Vintage Brides

No one gets excited about their Thanksgiving outfit. It’s a holiday with a bland color palette (browns, dull oranges and yellows), and the dress code is anywhere from casual to formal. This year, we decided to help you find the perfect Thanksgiving outfit inspiration from jeans to dresses in all colors! You will definitely be excited to show off your OOTD to your family and friends.

For A Casual Dinner

For A Semi-Formal Dinner

For A Formal Dinner

Setting the Perfect Table


Everyone loves entertaining! Whether it be a dinner party, family get together, or celebration of a holiday or special occasion, your table setup is the perfect way to showcase your style. The dinner table is the centerpiece of your home and the perfect location to really illustrate your aesthetic and wow your guests. However, determining your aesthetic and picking the right pieces to really shine can be a difficult task! To help make this easier, we’ve compiled a list of “must-have” items on every table, regardless of style, to ensure you have everything you need to complete that perfect look. Not sure what your look is? No problem, we’re sharing some of our favorite inspirational images of various table styles to help you out! 

  • Table cloth 
  • Matching dining set 
  • Chargers 
  • Linen napkins 
  • Candles and candlesticks 
  • Florals 
  • Full set of utensils 
  • Various glassware 
  • Serving dishes 
  • Table runner or similar draping fabric 
  • Additional small decor items 

For more formal events, consider adding a few extra special touches, like menus and name cards, to really finish off the look!


What’s the number one design element on your list that you just can’t live without? Or your favorite style? Let us know!

Summer Wedding Footwear & Advice on Summer Surfaces

image source: style me pretty

image source: style me pretty

You’ve decided on your wedding venue, picked out your dress, and now it’s time for shoes! Having a summer wedding means your free to have all the open-toe options and you also have the option to even go barefoot!

Before picking shoes, it’s important to know your venue and the surfaces you’ll be walking on. As we all know, heels and grass do not mix well. That also applies with heels in sand. Don’t fret – this does not mean you can’t wear those heels you’ve been eyeing! If you’re getting married on the beach and want to wear heels, opt for a boardwalk aisle so you won’t be sinking in the sand. If you’re getting married in a backyard or on a lawn, you can also make an aisle runner on which you won’t sink in the ground; however, if you want the natural look, ditch the heels and wear chunky wedges, beautiful flats, sandals, or even the new trending barefoot sandals!

Graduation Style

Happy graduation season! Whether you’re graduating high school or college, be sure to walk the stage in style! Here are some of our favorite styles for this season’s hottest graduation trends.

Nothing says classic graduation like a crisp white dress! Go for the elegant, simple dress, or opt for a more fun and flirt option with some gorgeous back detail or lace.

Give your fellow classmates that “wow” factor as you walk by in a bold color! Whether it’s hot pink, bright yellow, or turquoise, you’ll be sure to be the center of attention as you get your diploma.

Nothing says spring and summer more than a patterned dress! Wearing a gorgeous floral or patterned dress to your graduation will brighten your day as well as everyone else’s.

Self-Tanning: Do's & Dont's



If you want that sun-kissed look, but do not want to harm your skin under the sun or in tanning beds, there are plenty of options for self-tanning! From lotions and gels to sprays and tanning towelettes (yes, tanning towelettes!), you’ll be looking like you just spent all day under the sun in no time! Just like with anything, there are dos and don’ts for using and applying self-tanners:





  • Exfoliate and shave/wax prior to applying any self-tanner, typically up to 24 hours prior
  • Test the shade of self-tanner on a small patch of skin before using it on larger areas
  • Invest in a tan-applicator mitt to avoid streaks by applying with your bare hand
  • Moisturize after to maintain that healthy glow!




  • Layer it on, your skin can only absorb so much product and tint at a time
  • Moisturize prior; it will affect the way your skin absorbs the tanning product
  • Moisturize with oil after; oil is more prone to fade your tan faster

What's Your Invitation Style


Wedding venue and date booked? It's time to pick out your invitations! There is a lot to consider when making the decision about your wedding invitation suite, find out everything you need to know to get them ordered, sealed and delivered. 

As with most planning, it is best if you keep to a detailed timeline! It is so important to have your final guest count 2 weeks before the big day, so you can finalize all of your arrangements with your wedding vendors. 



Gone are the days where we consult Emily Post about etiquette. Modern brides and grooms approach the planning and style of their wedding by doing what feels right to them and speak to who they are as individuals and as a couple. When it comes to invitations though there are a few situations that you should rely on the proper wedding etiquette to address. Here are the top situations that our readers have talked to us about!

How do we let guests know our dress code?

Your invitation's style should indicate to your guests what type of affair you are planning to have.  For formal think calligraphy, letterpress and for causal style use playful colors and fonts. But since not everyone will pick up on these cues, you can also include your dress code in the lower right-hand corner of the invite.






Do we have to invite every guest with a date or a “plus-one?"

Wouldn't it be great if you could invite everyone you know and everyone they know to your wedding? Quite the party! But unfortunately (or maybe not!) most brides and grooms can't afford so large a wedding. If your guest isn't married or in a serious relationship, it's perfectly acceptable to invite them solo. You will indicate this to your guest by either addressing their invitation "and Guest" or listing out both guests' names on the envelope. There may be a guest or two that either respond with a plus one or call and ask if they can bring a guest, this does happen. Just explain to your guest that you don't have a spot available and that you are trying to keep the wedding intimate. 


Can we include our registry info on our invitations or save-the-dates?

It is considered impolite to include registry information on your save the dates and/or wedding invitations. We suggest that you include information like this on your wedding website. If you decide not to have a website, just let your close friends and family know and they will be able to let any guests know.



When your guests open up their mailbox and find your invitation, it's their first glimpse into your wedding style! 

So before you start invitation shopping, be sure you have a good idea what type of event you plan on throwing! Are you going classic, elegant, glam, modern or rustic? Pick a invitation style that speaks to your theme.

Also be sure to have your color palette finalized! The style of your wedding invitations goes beyond just the invitation itself. You can include paper elements from the suite into your overall day's design. Think table numbers, signature drink signs etc.



2017 Bridal Trends

The 2017 runways have spoken! We wanted to share with you our top picks for trends from the runway that you can incorporate into your wedding day style and beyond!

Depending on your style, a veil might not be for you. A great alternative to help create an ethereal look is to wear a bridal cape or capelet! The cape has been trending for a few years and we think its a trend that is not going away anytime soon. Incorporating a cape into your big day's attire is a great way to give a way to switch up your dress; where the cape for your ceremony and then take it off for the dance party reception!

Cape styles are versatile, so there is a cape for every season and every dress style. Time to glam it up!

Top Left: Photo Jose Villa  Dress Lihi Hod | Top Right: Alberta Ferreti | Bottom Left: Temperley via One Day Fab | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

Who doesn't want their wedding day to be dripping in flowers! So why not have botanical design elements incorporated into your dress. Leaves and blooms and vines, on my! We love this trend for the bride that wants her day's look to feel romantic but have a modern flare.

Top Left: Tara Lynn Lawton Photography | Top Right: BHLDN | Bottom Left: Claire Pettibone | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

The metallic trend has been one of our favorites for awhile and from the looks of the 2017 runways it continues to be everyone's favorite. Who doesn't want a little extra sparkle on their big day! From gold to silver to champagne, there is a metallic to fit every style, every bride and every wedding day's design.

Top Left: Maggie Sottero | Top Right: Erica Velasco Photographers Dress Truvelle | Bottom Left: Maggie Sottero | Bottom Right: Photo: Sophie Epton Dress: Alon Livine 

Looking for a fun style? Ruffles bring that unexpected surprise to a dress design. You can go full ruffle for dramatic effect, or have a little ruffle add flare to your style. Ruffles are a great way to add dimension to your hips (if you need it!). We love ruffles for brides who want to add a sense of whimsical and fun to their big day's style.

Top Left: Allure Bridal | Top Right: Persy | Bottom Left: David's Bridal | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

Decorating as a Couple

Moving in together is just like wedding planning: an exciting time that can filled with stressful decisions. Find out how to combine styles and who to look for when you need inspiration!

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 2.58.57 PM.png

The first step in making your space a home that reflects you as a couple is to identify your couple's style. Odds are that each of you is bringing a different aesthetic, so just being able to articulate your style will prove helpful in the design process. This sounds easy but it can be difficult! To help in this process take this Style quiz by Lonny.

Here are the three main styles that are trendy right now.

Don't feel like you need to stick to one style! If you are bringing a modern style couch to the space, it doesn't mean the entire room needs to have a minimal modern feel.

To save you time, we have done our research and are excited to share our tips and top pieces of advice with you. Happy designing!

  1. Identify each of your styles- See our What's Our Style section.
  2. Take inventory- What are you bringing to the home? What is your partner bringing? This way you can quickly identify what major items you have duplicates of. Two couches but just need one? Our advice is to pick the one that is more neutral. Having your major pieces be neutral allows for more options. Once you have taken stock of your inventory, then you can create a shopping/wish list for decor items that will help bring in your new couple's style.
  3. Live in the space first- We suggest taking a few weeks to live in your new space. You need to have time to see how the space works for you, your style and your schedule. Pay particular attention to what your high traffic areas are and plan your design accordingly.
  4. Look for inspiration- While some times Pinterest can be overwhelming, when it comes to the home design process, it will be your most useful tool. Designing is a visual process and if you are not familiar with it, look to the experts! Use Pinterest not only for room design ideas but also for the small designs, like how to style your coffee table.


3 weddings, 3 outfits

With wedding season in full swing, it can be hard to figure out the perfect outfit for different venues. No fear, PV is breaking down some of our favorite outfits for a variety of weddings!

As the wedding is outdoors, be aware of anything too dark or too tight… you could end up with visible sweat marks if it’s a hot day! Stick to looser, more comfortable, breathable fabrics. Look for bright, summer-y cocktail dresses that you can accent with a statement piece necklace and a great wedge sandal!

Like the backyard wedding, be careful of wearing anything too dark or too tight for a beach wedding! Additionally, avoid anything too short (and loose) that may get caught up in the sea breeze. Embrace the setting and play with those gorgeous blues and greens, solids and patterns are both fine! For a more formal beach wedding, look for a fun maxi dress. For a more casual event, a shorter dress that falls around the knee will look great! Pair with some dressy sandals and a fresh pedi, and you’re ready to go.

A night wedding, whether it be at a country club or similar venue, will come with a more formal dress code. It’s time to break out the floor-length evening gown! Stick to a classy, timeless look with an elegant gown, plain pumps, and simple jewelry to finish off your look. Prefer a shorter dress? No problem – we’ve got you covered there too.

Gallery Wall Guide

Gallery Wall Guide

Moving into a new home or re-vamping your old space? A gallery wall can be an easy way to fill a large amount of wall space with pieces you really love.

Your gallery can be as large…

Image courtesy of:  Centsational Girl

Image courtesy of: Centsational Girl

Image courtesy of:  My Domaine

Image courtesy of: My Domaine

Image courtesy of:  Abr-casa

Image courtesy of: Abr-casa

Image courtesy of:  Completely Coastal

Image courtesy of: Completely Coastal

or as small as you'd like.

Image courtesy of:  Artifact Uprising

Image courtesy of: Artifact Uprising

Image courtesy of:  Pop Sugar

Image courtesy of: Pop Sugar

Image courtesy of:  The Crafted Sparrow

Image courtesy of: The Crafted Sparrow

Image Courtesy of:  Inspired by Charm

Image Courtesy of: Inspired by Charm

Image courtesy of:  Itsy Bits and Pieces

Image courtesy of: Itsy Bits and Pieces

Image courtesy of  Westphoria

Image courtesy of Westphoria

You can even use a corner space!

Image courtesy of:  Liz Marie Blog

Image courtesy of: Liz Marie Blog

Image courtesy of:  Inside Out

Image courtesy of: Inside Out

Style it with anything from the little one’s artwork…

Image courtesy of:  Home Bunch

Image courtesy of: Home Bunch

Image courtesy of:  House of Turquoise

Image courtesy of: House of Turquoise

Image courtesy of:  Fashion Over Reason

Image courtesy of: Fashion Over Reason

…to your hobbies and interests!

Image courtesy of:  Pottery Barn

Image courtesy of: Pottery Barn

Get creative and incorporate things you love into your gallery. This is your very own art show!

Image courtesy of:  Momtastic

Image courtesy of: Momtastic


Map your pieces out on a flat surface to get a visual before hanging.

Image courtesy of:  Momtastic

Image courtesy of: Momtastic

Image courtesy of:  Lulu and Georgia

Image courtesy of: Lulu and Georgia


Plan it out with paper and tape until the shapes and sizes feel cohesive and intriguing.

Image courtesy of:  Lulu and Georgia

Image courtesy of: Lulu and Georgia

Good luck with your gallery and stay creative!

Style Trend: Tousled & Textured

Image courtesy of:  Blog Lovin'

Image courtesy of: Blog Lovin'

Image courtesy of:  Curlyhairbeautiful

Image courtesy of: Curlyhairbeautiful

Image courtesy of:  Blog Lovin'

Image courtesy of: Blog Lovin'

Hair with serious volume and texture is a must this season.

Image courtesy of:  Top Hair

Image courtesy of: Top Hair

Image courtesy of:  Vogue

Image courtesy of: Vogue

Image courtesy of:  bellaMUMMA

Image courtesy of: bellaMUMMA

Bump-up your natural coarseness with a texturizing spray and a teasing comb. 

Image courtesy of:  Robolikes

Image courtesy of: Robolikes

Image courtesy of:  Corinna B's World

Image courtesy of: Corinna B's World

Image courtesy of:  Style Caster

Image courtesy of: Style Caster

Have naturally straight hair? Create a texture base with a curling iron.

Images courtesy of:  Momtastic

Images courtesy of: Momtastic

Click on the link for step by step instructions!

Wedding Bling

The time is here; you’re about to pick out the ring for the love of your life. You want it to be perfect, but where do you start? Take a deep breath and feast your eyes. We had the pleasure of working with Maya MacLachlan at dmg (Don Muller Gallery) in Northampton, MA to help guide you while picking the perfect ring to pop the question with!

Take a look at what she’s wearing. How would you describe her style? Is she…


Use this guide to match her style with the ring that will get your soon to-be fiancée saying

To match her timeless sense of style, choose a ring with a classically clean, symmetrical and detailed cut. Shimmering silvers are sure to make her swoon!

Your glamorous gal isn’t afraid to have some fun! Play with rose golds and matte silvers – her ring will make a statement to match her style.

She’s adventurous and in-tune with the world around her. Colored gem stones are a gorgeous alternative to diamonds, and organic band designs are perfect for nature lovers.

She’s confident – unapologetically herself 24/7, and that’s what you love about her! Go for a bold ring that will set her apart from the rest.

Your lovely lady’s style is the perfect pairing of comfortable and cute. She would be happy with a ring that is beautiful in its own simplicity. She doesn’t need an intricate ring to make her happy, she has you and that’s all she needs!

Still need a little more help? We sat down with Maya MacLachlan, owner of dmg, to get you 5 tips to make the process even easier!

1.      Shop as a Team

It’s not unusual to see a couple come in together at dmg! If you’re a couple that’s open to going through the process together, stop into your jeweler as a team. This will help erase your anxiety if the bride to-be has a very specific sense of style.

2.      Consider Her Wedding Band

The style of her wedding band can dramatically change the look of her ring! You can add some serious bling to the set based on what style band you choose.  You can even mix and match metals and gem stones.

3.      Not Everyone Wants a Diamond

Natural gemstones can add color and a unique style. The center stone doesn't have to be a white diamond and you can be daring by going for a pop of color and unique style. Consider a sapphire or a colored diamond instead.

4.      Switch Your Metal

The metal you choose for the band of your engagement ring can completely change the style. At dmg they offer a variety of metals from gorgeous rose golds to matte platinum and everything in-between!

5.      Customize

At dmg you can customize every single ring in the store beyond the size of the band and carat.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how you can make the ring unique for your to-be fiancé!