How to Slay the Scarf Game

Single digit temperatures are the unfortunate reality for a lot of us right now. It’s easy to bundle up in a couple of lazy layers and sacrifice looking cute for a little bit of extra warmth, but just because you’re suffering doesn’t mean your outfit has to, too! Scarves are a timeless piece that do it all: they add a bold pop of color, turn any casual look into something much more stylish, and some are practically wearable blankets. There’s so many options out there, so we rounded up some of our favorite ways to style these cozy winter pieces!


Image Source: Livvyland

Image Source: Livvyland

Classic Loop

Looping a rectangle scarf around your neck two or three times is as effortless as it is chic. It’s timeless, and the best way to wrap a scarf that you want to make a statement. Let the bright and bold pattern speak for itself against some comfy leggings and a neutral colored sweater, and toss on some booties to complete the look.

Half Bow

If patterns aren’t for you, there’s dozens of intricate ways to tie your solid colored scarf into something that looks more like art than an accessory. Our favorite (as well as Adele’s!) is the half bow knot. Just drape the scarf around your neck, make a loose knot on one side about halfway down, and fold the opposite side in at the middle. Pull the pinched portion of that side through the knot, tighten, and fluff your bow!


Image Source: ASOS

Image Source: ASOS

Triangle Fold

The blanket scarf is, of course, the coziest of all. There’s really no right way to wear one and since they’re so oversized, they basically become your outfit. For cold winter mornings when you could really use the extra ten minutes in bed, you can practically take your blanket with you and look gorgeous doing it! For this fold, you want to start by making the scarf into a triangle to limit its size. After that, cross the two corners of the folded side behind your neck and pull forward - that’s it!

Around the Shoulders

We promise, you can actually wear a blanket scarf wrapped around you and look cute and put together while you do! Our favorite way to work these into our winter wardrobe is easy: just fold the scarf to the desired size, and wrap it around and over your shoulders like a shawl. If you’re not completely sold on the whole actually wearing a blanket out thing, try incorporating a thin belt on the waist for a little more structure!


Image Source: Glitter and Gingham

Image Source: Glitter and Gingham

Effortless Loop

Infinity scarves are usually one of the warmest picks if you’re really trying to layer up, and they’re super easy to wear. Because of their circular shape, you can just loop the accessory around your neck once or twice and be on your way out the door! Because they’re often made with a loose, chunky knit, they’re extra comfortable, and the oversized piece looks and feels great in the cold.

Loose Knot

Most people shy away from infinity scarves because they think the shape is limiting, and while they’re definitely not as versatile as the other kinds we’ve listed, you still have some options! If you love a cozier, thicker scarf, opt for a knit infinity scarf and loop it just like you would with a traditional scarf. Keep extra warm by wrapping the scarf around your neck the long way and looping it through to make an oversized knot!


Image Source: Jess Ann Kirby

Image Source: Jess Ann Kirby

Side Knot

If it’s a little warmer where you live but you still love the look of scarves, there’s tons of ways to incorporate them into your look without looking like you’re dressed for the wrong coast. Satin neck scarves are seriously making a comeback right now, and we’re living for the retro look. Tie a small, dainty bow on the side of your neck, and let your scarf be the unexpected focal piece of your winter look.


We especially love how adorable silky scarves look tied in an off-center knot around a messy bun! You can also tie your scarf as a headband and wear it with a cute, messy knot on the front or hide it underneath your hair to tame the frizz and turn a bad hair day into something a little more glam.


Get in on a classy new trend by checking out pins to combine with your scarves! You can place one on the side of the half-bow for an elegant detail or use one to hold a side knot together with a cute touch. Some of the biggest trendsetters are especially loving designer brooches to pin on their scarves, which you can buy pre-loved for cheap and pin on every accessory, every season!

Image Source: The Stripe

Image Source: The Stripe