Viren Entertainment

We sat down with Shawn Santanello from Viren Entertainment, one of our Night at the Registry vendors. We asked him to share a little about his business, and himself.

Since starting this business on my own in 2012, it has been amazing to see
what you can create with passion and drive for something you love. My whole life
has been centered around music and how it moves and touches people. Music is a
unique human experience. It can transport you to different times and places, it can
play on every known emotion that a person can feel. That is my goal every time I
work with a client. I want them to tap into those feelings, those memories, and
simultaneously create new ones. It’s my job to guide them down that path.
Getting to know people, finding out who they are and where they come from,
helps ensure the philosophy that what I do should never be about me. I am simply a
medium to help my clients achieve their visions. Too often I hear about
DJ’s/entertainers who take more of a “center of attention” kind of approach. While
its true that as a professional you need to take charge of an event to make sure
everything runs smoothly, that should never overshadow the fact that the event is a
celebration of the client, not the entertainment.

What's the newest trend in wedding music that you are loving right now?
The ability to beat mix songs is also a huge subconscious element to
keeping a dance floor packed. If people are subjected to subsequent songs
that are all over the map as far as tempo goes, they’ll stop dancing. Mixing
3,4,5 songs together that have a similar beat/feel to them is essential to keep a
dance floor going, despite what genre of music it is .

What advice do you have for couple's that want to pack the dance floor?
I would tell couples if they want to pack the dance floor, make sure you
choose a DJ who is right for you. Make sure they understand your tastes but
also know that a wedding is comprised of many different factions of people.
You have to be able to play music that appeases all and alienates none., lol. Your guests are there to celebrate you. If you aren’t
dancing there is less of a likelihood that everyone will be out there all night

Come see Shawn, and all of our other amazing vendors at Night at the Registry, October 12th. He'll be providing live music and a state of the art photo-booth. First of it's kind, in the region! Register and find out more here.