Happy New Year... Let's Get Married!

Happy New Year’s Eve! We love celebrating New Year’s and all that it entails and represents. The idea of giving yourself a fresh start, new goals, a new attitude, etc. is amazing and we fully endorse it! Along with that, we love the idea of combining New Year’s with a wedding! Of all the holidays to combine your nuptials with, NYE seems like the most perfect choice. Why not start a new year with a new name and a new level of your relationship? And talk about one heck of a party! With that in mind, we’re sharing some of our favorite inspiration for a NYE wedding! Think old Hollywood glamour -- lots of bling and sparkle, champagne, sparklers, confetti, horns -- the whole nine yards. For colors, stick with metallics and a neutral palette -- blacks and whites with gold and silver. Dance the night away and kiss that new spouse of yours at midnight. Happy New Year!

Love Lost at Sea

Who doesn't love a good love story anyway? When planning our summer shoot we knew we wanted to design and capture that perfect story of love, loss, being reunited and committing to a life together.

We knew that our backdrop for this romantic story had to be the ocean. Just like love, the ocean is an integral part of life, one that is powerful but serene. The human response to the ocean has been expressed in various forms of art, literature and music, and this is our expression.

Our vision for this shoot was to capture balance in all things.

We created a soft design with hues of creams, greys and blues, a palette that connected our story to the ocean. We balanced our design details to capture movement and softness to warm the harshness of the ocean's rough waves and boulders.


Our bride was styled in two Cathy Telle gowns with beautiful accessories. Each dress created elegance in their simplistic style, the lace a-line dress's color of jade connected our bride to the cool ocean tones and our bridal dress gave soft details of lavender embroidered flowers. Her hair was simply done with wind blown waves and a touch of texture from a fishtail braid, the look completed with her soft makeup, with a hint of pink

Each dress created elegance in their simplistic style, the lace a-line dress’s color of jade connected our bride to the cool ocean tones and our bridal dress gave soft details of lavender embroidered flowers.

We wanted the floral accents to look as though the bride was able to scavenge them herself from her island. Justine, of Flowers by Justine, was able to capture both movement and texture in these beautiful pieces.


The surroundings and the details helped us tell this story of connection, resilience and commitment to what we know is true love.






Create A Bright and Beautiful Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are magical with the glorious sunshine and beautiful weather. Incorporating touches of color with flowers and fruit adds even more vibrancy to your wedding! We put together an inspiration board to help give you some new ideas on how to add some more flare to your special day. It’s filled with some of our favorite bouquets, decorations, cakes and more for this summer season. We love the look of starting off with neutral base colors and then adding a splash of bright color on top to create a beautiful contrast. By having neutral colors in addition to the bright ones, the pieces aren’t too distracting and come together to make the perfect summer wedding!  

Bringing Your Personality Into Your Wedding Menu



Wedding food is not always the tastiest, but it doesn't have to be that way! Choosing your wedding menu can be a daunting task, and we understand you want your guests to be full and happy before jumping on the dance floor. To help you accomplish this, we are sharing ways in which you can put your personality into your wedding food. When your guests can connect the newlywed couple to your menu, they will be more likely to enjoy it and rock the electric slide. 


The laid back couple are the pair who would rather be hanging out at home, enjoying a beer, and grilling than trying the newest Mexican restaurant in the city. To help bring this personality into the menu, try serving finger foods, BBQ, and comfort foods. Even install a personal tap wall with the couple's favorite brews to share with guests!


For the couple that could dance all night long, serve food tapas or appetizer style. This way food can be eaten in quick courses or freely by guests when hungry. This is also a great way to showcase a wide variety of cuisine. Have an app station with fish, one with veggies, one that's Italian or Indian. There are endless food combinations and styles that fit with this menu design!


For the couple that loves dining out at five-star restaurants try a menu that comes in multiple courses with a refined taste. Look for a caterer who puts effort into every detail on every plate. Tailor the menu to one type of cuisine and focus on making every course more delicious than the next. Finish with individual desserts like crème brûlée or tiramisu, or serve everyone a slice of your wedding cake. 


For the couple that loves their Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A, consider using these companies to cater your dinner. Or consider having a pizza bar where guests can choose however many types of pizza they want! It may not be the fanciest dinner, but everyone will be sure to enjoy and it will be memorable. Your guests will love how true to yourself you are and who doesn't enjoy greasy fries with their open bar?

Our Favorite Trends for 2018 Spring Florals

The wedding is fast approaching and you’re making your final decision. Trying to stay up to date and on trends for the season? We’ve got your back! We’re loving the classics but also some more unique options as well. But your bouquets and arrangements are more than just the flowers themselves… it’s also how they’re arranged! We’re looking at a couple of the trends this season for how arrangements are being done.

The Flowers

The Styling

There are two new trends we’re seeing for bouquets this season. The first is a big incorporation of the Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet! While it can be hard to find florals in this tone naturally, we’re giving a nod to the color by using softer shades like lavenders and lilacs. If you’re looking to incorporate some Ultra Violet into your big day, be sure to check out our inspiration board for all things violet!

The other trend we’re seeing and loving is having a monochromatic bouquet. While we love seeing pops of color, this look is a bit more refined and gives you the opening to really spice things up with different textures and varieties of florals. This is a really fun way to highlight your wedding color in a major way!

Trending Now: Groom Cakes



Most of the time, the bride tends to have the heavier hand in the wedding planning process. This can often times leave the groom without a say or his taste really showing through. That's why we love the trend of having a groom cake at your wedding! A groom cake is a smaller cake you serve along side your traditional wedding cake that is designed by the groom himself. This cake can reflect his style or personality in a theme of his choosing! Looking for inspiration for your groom cake? Check out some of our favorites below.

2018 Pantone Color of the Year Inspiration Board


Did you hear the news?! Pantone has officially named Ultra Violet as the 2018 color of the year. The color is described as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade” that “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” However you want to describe it, we’re having all the feels! We can already see the beautiful Ultra Violet weddings that will fill 2018 and wanted to help grow your vision with our 2018 Pantone Color of the Year inspiration board.

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

FontCandy (3).png

There are endless ways to capture winter and the holidays on your big day. To help you get inspired for your winter wedding, we’ve come up with a variety of winter themed wedding details! This season is all about greenery, dark red accents, and whimsical decor. So, if your wedding is Christmas themed, play up the green and red color palette. If it’s a winter wonderland theme, add more lights and faux snow elements! There is no shortage of winter elements to brighten your special day!

2017 Fall Wedding Inspiration


You can take your fall wedding in so many different directions. You can pick a bright and bold look by incorporating all the natural colors and elements of the season, or a more muted look with deep, rich colors. But, our pick for the 2017 season has to be a lovely rustic, neutral theme. White pumpkins, grey-blue tones, and maybe just a hint of maroon or orange sets the stage for a beautiful day. Achieve your rustic look by including natural wood elements and holding the event at a gorgeous barn or even in an open field with a stunning vantage point.

Offer caramel apples in personalized boxes as favors, and leave out blankets for guests to grab if you opt for an outdoor ceremony. We love the idea of having a hot chocolate or cider bar to give everyone a yummy treat to help them warm up! Set an intimate, cozy feel by incorporating lots of candles and warm colors. Your invitation suite and bridesmaid dresses give you the opportunity to decide how much of your accent colors you want to include. Opt for a more bold and colorful invitation suite to show off your color palette a bit more, or stick to a more subdued palette and let your florals do the talking!

Even within a rustic, neutral theme, there are still so many ways that this concept can go. We love how versatile it is and how you’re really able to make it our own!

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day


As the summer starts to heat up into August, outdoor weddings are extremely popular. But
with summer heat comes sticky guests looking for a fun way to cool down. In the
spirit of today being National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, we love these fun ice cream
sandwich buffets as a revamped sundae bar for your reception. Be inspired by you
and your partner’s favorite cookie and ice cream flavors, and focus on refreshing
seasonal flavors like peach, berries, and citrus! You can even add a sentimental
touch with personalized to-go wrappers!

Beach Wedding Inspiration Board

The sounds of the waves crashing, seagulls chirping in the distance, your toes sinking in the sand…what better way to embrace the summer wedding season than having a romantic, whimsical beach wedding? Having a beach wedding is great for the laid-back couples who have a love for the ocean. Ditch the shoes and find yourself a casual, breezy wedding dress! Colors such as slate blue and greys will be beautiful for a calm wedding ambiance, or pop in some color with tropical pinks, oranges, and yellows for a fun wedding atmosphere! Feel the suns warmth and the sand between your toes as you say, “I do”!



Summer Wedding Inspiration Board

With the cold weather behind us, it’s time for a little summer wedding inspiration! Go for the classic, whimsical beach theme with colors such as slate gray and powder blue, or stick with a light and airy feel with colors such as green and peach. With bright pops of color trending in fashion, why not tie bold pinks and yellows into your wedding day? Whatever it may be, your summer wedding is sure to be fun, bright and warm!


The Jewel Tone Story

When thinking about this concept, we were inspired to mix the old with the new. The gardens and architecture of this late 1800s historical home nestled in the heart of Amherst, Massachusetts, created a simple but elegant backdrop to allow our deep beautiful jewel tones to take center stage.

Our vision for this beautiful shoot was to showcase a deep modern jewel tone palette and embrace a balance of the classic surroundings and the rich modern romance. We created a bold design with hues of pinks, purples, greens and blues, a palette that we accented with the mixture of vintage details and modern touches.

From the modern invitation suite with its geometric shapes and bold colors to the ombre guest seating we were inspired by this beautiful balance of classic and modern.


In Season Flowers

Time to stop and smell the roses! Nothing brightens up your wedding day like fresh-cut bouquets, and we’ve found our favorite flowers for each season!


Warm up your winter wedding day with deep shades of red along with crisp white blossoms. With the romantic atmosphere surrounding a winter wedding, red roses are the perfect flower for your bouquet; however, it is also common to see white orchids and carnations among the mix as well.

The perfect season for freshly bloomed flowers! Think lilacs, pale pinks, and soft whites as you head into picking out your bouquet for your springtime wedding. Peonies are one of our favorite spring blooms as well as tulips, hydrangeas, and lilacs!


It’s time to get that pop of color into your sunny summer day! For summer weddings, it’s great to have bright and fun flowers surrounding your day! From multicolored poppies to bright sunflowers, your options on colors are endless.

To compliment fall’s natural foliage, there’s a variety of flowers to choose from for your autumn wedding day. From oranges to deep purples, the possibilities are endless! Try different autumn-inspired shades of lilies as well as some fun bi-colored roses!

The Minimalist Story

We were inspired by the gardens and architecture of this late 1800's historical home nestled next to the Emily Dickinson homestead in the heart of Amherst, Massachusetts. The house and surrounding grounds helped us create a space where we could incorporate the unique elements of softness, texture and romance.

Our vision for this seasonal shoot was to embrace a balance of nature's elegance and feminine romance. We created a soft design with hues of creams, greys and blues, a palette that softened our base of earth textures; wood, succulents and ivy.


While touring the grounds we decided to set our table beneath the canopy of a gorgeous old tree, whose low hanging branches created a stunning backdrop. Our table was a mix of wood, bark and succulents softened by accents of gold and sweeping fabric. It was the type of setting would make any guest linger in their seat to absorb the surroundings and details.


Our bride was styled in a beautiful lace BHLDN gown and elegant accessories. Her hair was simply done and her soft makeup with a hint of pink lip was all this bride needed to allow her stunning lace dress to take center stage.

The setting was dreamy, and perfect for a lush, cascading bouquet filled with Dogwood, roses, peonies, the first sight of dahlias and on-site greenery designed by Flowers by Justine.

From the elegant invitation with its perfect velvet envelope, the earth inspired cake with its handmade details of succulents and grapevine, to the beautiful balance of nature and romance, the new Minimalist Bride is defined.

Event Design: Parsimony Vintage | Photography: Melanie Zacek | Fine Art Photography | Model: Maya Simone | Succulent Favors: AudandEl | Table Number: Everlaser | Floral Design: Flowers By Justine | Hair and Makeup: Michelle Anne Hair Design | Wedding Veil and Hairpeice: Bridal Heirlooms | Wedding Dress: BHLDN | Rentals: Jerome's Party Plus | Cake: Pete's Sweets  | Jewelry : DMG Gallery  | Ring Box: OaknShield | Invitations: With Wild and Grace | Wedding Venue: Amherst Women's Club